How to quit heroin
and all opiate drugs
How to get yourself to
quit heroin and opiate drugs
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How to quit heroin
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How to quit heroin
and all opiate drugs
How to get yourself to
quit heroin and opiates
How to quit heroin cold turkey with OTC meds  
How to survive the first
7 days when quitting
How to quit heroin warm turkey with medications  
How to quit heroin with the help of Suboxone  
How to quit heroin
with the help of Kratom
How to quit heroin
in a drug rehab center
Quit heroin and stay clean by relocating  
Quitting heroin as
a couple - together
Quitting heroin while working on the job  
Quitting heroin for teens  
Quitting heroin for women - special article  
Quitting heroin
while being Pregnant
Quitting heroin for men   
How to beat cravings
for using heroin
How to avoid relapsing and using heroin again   
If at first you don't succeed - try try again  
How to stay clean
from heroin for good
Staying clean with Vivitrol Naltrexone  
How to change and change your life  
How to fix your life pt.1 finances, work, housing  
How to fix your life pt.2 relationships, social life  
How to fix your life Pt.3 legal, education, health  
How to help your son or daughter quit heroin  
How to help your man
or husband quit heroin
How to help your friend, family, quit heroin  
How to know if he or
she is still using heroin
Get Naloxone Narcan  and Save a Life  
What is heroin  
What is heroin addiction  
Success Stories Pt.1  
Success Stories Pt.2  
Success Stories Pt.3  
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Success Stories Pt.1
By Jorge (George) Fernandez

  The following is a compilation of real testimonies which I've received from people all over the world. These are real testimonies from real heroin addicts, recovering addicts, parents helping their children quit heroin; brothers and sisters helping their family members quit heroin; boyfriends and girlfriends helping their loved ones quit heroin and stay clean for good. (Names have been abbreviated with initials to ensure privacy and personal and private details have also been removed as well). Enjoy.

"This helped me more than any rehab center, website, whatever. Thank you so much. Words cannot even express how much this helped me..." AR (female)

"Hello... just read avidly your website on how to stop using, i am gonna try all you said. Thank you so much i never thought a website on stopping would make so much impact on me.." DG (female)
  "Im 32 hrs in on my cold turkey war and it is kicking my butt but i will prevail all the med is helping alot more then i thought it would thanks for all the tips..." KC (male)

"48 hrs I'm still going good. I'm doing this. Feel like crap in stomach etc but klonopine helping nerves. Going to church in the Morning. Actually cleaning house this morning. I owe this all to god and you George. Thanks from bottom of my heart... What a miracle... Gracias" RS (female)

"Jorge, may God bless you! Thank you for taking the time to share your story and your words. Your words have giving me the strengh to carry on. Giving me hope and a way to kick once and for all, enough is enough! Thank you. Day 2 of a better life! Many thanks.." AT (male)

"I just wanted to email you and let you know I finally sucked it up and I am now 3 days clean I'm starting to feel better... normal... I'm so happy and I couldn't have decided to do this without your help and support... thank you so much I'm finally getting my life back slowly but surely..." CJ (female)

"I am on the morning of detox day 3. Your site is a life saver. Thank you so much for putting it together." ES (female)

"Hey brother just to let you know its day 3 and im doin great thanks to you. Man i cant thank you enough. I can and will do this!!! Thanks again Geroge much love and blessings to you. May God continue to Bless You!" RB (male)

"I've been reading your website for weeks and tnite just decided I gotta go for it, deleted all my numbers and chucked all my kit.!!! You've inspired me. I will suceed... it was really nice to receive your email, that extra boost of support. i'm on day 3 now,... i can get a new routine going (i'm going a different route to work... i was really pleased to find your website as its so real, and i'm doing this alone so it made me realize how many of us there are out there, thanks again..." MB (female)
  "Thank you your site is helping me a 17 year old girl going through hell like you said but ill do this everyone will see.Ill be better, So thank you again you have changed another life... Me and mom are so greatful you made this site.Im sick as hell as you said but I'm doing this its been 3 days for me and im starting to feel alittle better. Anyways thank you have changed my life THANK YOU!!!!" SB (female)

"today its 4 days.. fill bit better today and get out for run and get properly sweat hope i will get same sleep...of course i will not give will be crazy to back to this ""... never again never coz never want to have this detox again.. want to enjoy my kids and wife...i will not brake thank u from all heart..." RD (male)

UPDATE: Day 7: "today its day nr7... I fill better a bit and start eat as well... i will not brake and be strong...its big fight with my self my body and hope i win... thanks u r with me and u care about my life iven u don't know me i realy wish to meet u one day and to say thank u face to face..." RD (male)

UPDATE: Day 10: "Hello my virtual friend. Just to let u know im no smoke alredy from 13 geting better slowlly but i will stay cler and never again im happy it take that long to get clear otherwise if it will be easy i will start again and quit again but its "" hard and i will not be that strong secound time so NO never again.thank u..." RD (male)

"Thank you so much. On hour 20 hours of helping detoxing my boyfriend. He said this by far has been the "easiest". He is eating, still in a bad spot but the combo of OTC and fluids it's far better than I could hope for. Thank u for a spot where I could find some realistic help" CS (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

"I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you...I am now going on 5 days clean after quitting heroin cold turkey. I am more inspired and determined as ever to keep going and fighting thanks to the site. I did it without any help from meds or anything while taking care of my 2 boys (ages 2 and 6)... Your site has been a lifesaver literally for help with battling depression and ideas to get me up and out again (and using up extra kid energy lol). Thank you once again. I've quit about 3 times over the last 4 months but something feels different this time. I finally made up my mind and did it. I need the change desperately... I now have family supporting and helping and your site to get me through.... time for big changes for me and I wont let myself be brought back down. Thank you so much..." CA (female)
  "Hi George, im on day3 been taking imodium it is working I still got the mental s*it going on been cring and stuff after I read this it inspired me to carry on. I really think your right about the music. thank you for this write up. GOD BLESS YOU !!" FP (male)

"Hi Jorge I'm on day 7! Your words are an inspiration mate you've helped me get this far!... I'm slowly but surely thinking about taking again less and less by taking long walks with the kid and the dog...! ...I've just had my first workout in months after many sleepless nights... your page has instilled in me has given me belief I can control myself. Regards.." LT (male)

"I cannot express how grateful I am for your website. I was able to quit my 4-6 bag a day habit cold turkey after finding your website and following your instructions. I believe this was the best method for me as every bit of that hell I experienced is what terrifies me to even think of a relapse. Winning the fight has made me proud. I don't remember the last time I felt this good about myself. I am a 37 yr old mother of 2. I work, own my own home,... I'm following your advice on how to stay clean and prevent relapse. I can only hope and pray for the best. Anyways, thank you so much. You are an amazing person to whom I owe my life to. Thank you so much..." KS (female)

UPDATE: "I'm @ 6 days!! I didn't read about your story until after the email. I'm from Mass too. The other side of the state,"". Still can't thank you enough. May god bless you. Iam praying for you and your son.." KS (female)

"Hello...I'm 21 years old, at university studying... I was a functioning addict for about a year... This drug has ripped my family apart. So I went cold turkey using your advice! Today is Day 3 - I woke up this morning, and I've never felt better. This is the first time in a whole year I have walked around my own hometown sober. I've got a spring in my step and yes this was the hardest battle I've ever faced! But I read and read and read and read anything and everything on your website and your advice Jorge is the best around buddy! No relapse for me hopefully - already changed my mobile number so no more 'Where are you?' dealer texts! Love you Jorge, you've saved me and my family..." AR (male)
  "Hi Jorge, Thank you so much for your advice and words of encouragement during an extremely stressful time. My boyfriend has been so genuinely happy.., and he's been staying home with family, watching movies, hiking with me, and even his music has changed! It's so incredible having him back to his normal self and I can't believe the change I've noticed in just one week! He's cut off all the negative influences in his life, and despite living in the center of a city filled with drugs and crime, he's stayed mentally strong and resisted the urge to use again. I have so much faith in him and I'm loving and supporting him on this journey,... He no longer expresses a desire to get high. I know this journey will be long, but with your advice and his willpower we are definitely off to a great start! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! HG (female helping boyfriend)

"hi george. i am 8 days clean and im feeling much better than day 1. im glad that i found this website and juz wanna say THANK YOU for ur amazing articles. i am not giving up and not even touching the hits again because i am so scared to death of withdrawals. and im sure ppl who read ur blog will pass all the nightmares too. and again thank u for ur tips and helps. i am so glad that i read ur article again and again. sincerly ...." HL (male)

"Hi Jorge... its been 6 days now since ive stoped using heroin... I used meds and they helped massively... I did as u told me and came clean to my parents about everything..." MG (male)

"George, "" was in fact detoxing himself cold turkey this week. He was well enough to see me yesterday. As soon as I saw him I knew he was different. He looked good for once in a long time, he had an energy and sort of glow to him that I havnt seen in months. He was smiling, laughing, and seemed to be the man I fell in love with.... It was so beautiful to see him acting like his old self and to see him in such a good place. He even decided to quit smoking cigarettes. I really believe that he is making a real effort to fix himself. All we need to do now is keep him away from the junk and cultivate this positivity. I've been reading up on your site about how to do this... I just want to thank you again for talking with me. Because of your advice to always conduct myself in a "kind and loving manner" I think that most of all helped the situation as far as I'm concerned. You planted that seed in my head to be conscious of this always, and for that Im so glad that I found this site and contacted you. Thanks for your impact..." CA (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

"As of today I am 4 days no heroin. Im shakey. Anxious... I am headed out in a few to walk. And walk some more. I dont know what to say or do right now. I WANT TO STAY STRONG!!! I do want my life back!!! AM (male)
  "I would like to tell you that my youngest son is now in treatment and I pray he takes this chance to change his life for the better. Thanks again." AW (father helping son)

"I'm doin it! I startd snortn oxy's 3 yrs ago and last year it turnd into snortn herion! im on day 3 and already feel better! ive been followin ur cold turkey method! thank u doesnt cut it! But thats all i got thank u! ur givin me my life BACK!..." GS (male)

"Hiya Jorge, just wanted to say your page is a great inspiration and practical tool for quitting. My boyfriend and I are both so sick of this lifestyle and everything that comes with. The never having money, the constant worry about having enough or getting busted, the lying to friends and family. We've tried before, but now after reading your site we've realized we CAN do this..." Af (female)

"Hello, Thank you for your website. This website has helped me quit...finally, after sooo many years... i cant thank you enough...thank you and god bless.!!" BP (male)

"Hello...I am 4 days clean... I have been reading on your website (quitting for men) and it is exactly what I needed. Thank You for all your hard work. I will be reading it over and over for support and encouragement. I will also browse other parts of the site as well. Thank you again..." MF (male)

"Hi, Your website has been an invaluable source of information and encouragement to me. Today is day 6 of sobriety for me.... I am exercising again... Again thank you so much for the site, it has definitely changed my life! Thank you so much for your time and positive energy!..." BG (male)

"Dear Jorge, thank you for your website. It was instrumental in getting me off my "" and finally quitting. I'm on day/night 4 and have only been taking loperamide for withdrawal.... I have felt little to no w/d after having used a lot...for a long time.... I've been taking 12 mg in the morning and 12 before bed.... I can't wait til I
rid my life of this addiction. Sincerely,..." CM (male)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge I'm 15 minutes from being a week clean. I can't be prouder but am trying to stay humble and not get too cocky. New year new life... Thankful & grateful as always,..." CM (male)
  "I appreciate your insight on this site...Im on day 10 now and feel all the way back to normal... I never thought I could be one of those people to go cold turkey. It can be done! Taking hot showers and exercising really helps along with upbeat music. Thanks again for changing my life and getting me back on track. Take care.." CJ (male)

"I am on day 10 of quitting cold turkey. First time in my life that i did not quit in jail...I am slowly reaching out and being honest that I have ten days clean. It is humbling, but I know the truth is the only way. I have broken the physical addiction, now I have to break the mental addiction... It is the first thing I have done for the past year when I wake up, I need to make a new life, new habits. I don't know how and I don't want to use again. This site is awesome... I am not a slave to heroin today. This is the first day I actually feel some what decent... Thank you." MG (female)

"Thank you so much for the pointers, it's been rough but I'm on day 4 cold turkey and starting to feel better. Regards," RO (male)

"I want to thank you for sharing your storey on ur site. I cried almost the whole time bc there were so many similarities in our stories. Im now 21 and hav been hooked on herion since i was 17. Ive been to 4 treatment centers and none seem to ever work for me. Today is my first day detoxing and i kno im going to hav a horrible week but i simply cannot live my life like this anymore. I just wanted to say thankyou for your story and your over the counter meds recommendations. It was so sad to hear about your son and i promise you i will keep him in my prayers. Please pray for me too if u have a chance, i need all the prayers i can get.... hopefully will b starting back at school on the 16th if i can get through this. God bless and thankyou again for your story..." AZ (female)

"Hi, Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!...I found myself on the internet and then I found your site. I honestly feel better for just reading what you wrote and I have no doubt that your words have helped lots of other users get over this. Only on day 3 clean, have to keep working (self employed) which is hard but now I have some ideas from what you wrote that should help. You must be some kind of Saint - thank you thank you thank you.." JJ (male)

"Good morning Jorge,...I have been clean for almost 6 months. I am a grateful recovering heroin addict. My mom found your website, and I followed your advice for quitting heroin cold turkey step by step... And since your advice was so helpful to me and my family I would like to use some of your advice on my blog... And again thank you so much for what you do with your blog you really help alot of people. Sincerely,." CV (female)

"Amazingly stumbled across ur site by the grace of God!!!I have a beautiful wife and 3 teenage kids 17 boy and 14 twins boy and girl ,I was at the end man,what felt like minutes from death not from being sick I had all my works and dope,I just was numb.i have no idea why I had a good life ,just couldn't feel it.1 day looked at my daughters eyes and she says "dad why are your eyes like that?"I knew why ,I walked outta the house dumped my stuff down the storm drain broke my rigs and sent the wife and kids to stay at her sisters. And because of this site am 6 days doing it cold turkey so I remember the pain I'm going thru,and NEVER will forget it,.. I had to write to say Thanks Bro for Living and caring for those who WILL learn to love and care for themselves." CG (male)
  UPDATE: "Day 8 I feel great,...Thanks Jorge for this site,I know you hear it a lot, but you saved my life with this. you have a site to be proud of and will definately donate when I feel upto getting out and about! thanks brutha, I don't say this very much, but love ya" CG (male)

UPDATE: Day 10: "Thanks for the reply Jorge,...i gotta say it's been 4 years since my head has been clear and definately cold turkey will never let me forget what I went thru to become 10 days Clean!!! WOOT!!! Your an inspiration as well as a God send Thank You again from the bottom of my heart, couldn't have done it without this site to keep me motivated. much love!" CG (male)

UPDATE: 6 Weeks clean: "Hey Jorge.. Been clean now thanks to you, for 6 weeks and I'm finally clear headed and feel 100% I owe it all to you man ,ur a true insperation to all of us who visit your site. Just wanna say thank you again for everything brutha, and I ll keep in touch. Love You Man and thanks for everything.." CG (male)
  1 Month clean: "Jorge, It's been a while now since I've written you, and I just wanted to write with an update! My husband has been clean now for a month! It's amazing that it has been that long and he has been able to do it!... and now he has gained weight and looks healthy and has been taking the vitamins, and the supplements, and he gets a lot more sleep now then at the first! He is able to do things sometimes and feels better... he's come so far! Some don't see a month as being clean or to long as he'd been using a whole lot longer than that, but this is the longest he's been clean since we've dated and gotten MARRIED! Thanks so much Jorge!" MF (wife helping husband)

"Hey man i found this site during my first day of quiting and i found it to be the most helpful website out there. you know exactly what its like going through this. right now i am almost done with my 3rd day so im very happy... any way thank you so so much for taking the time to make your site it has been alot of help..." PB (male)

"Day 5 man, I came across your site and it inspired me... Just moved to san antonio 6 months ago to start a new life,... i am determined this time.... i'm getting better..., gotta work in an hour too.. But your article made me smile, and i've been crying ... all day...." RC (male)

"Dear Jorge,... I just wanted to say thanks for your website! My wife and I struggled for years with opiates, bouncing between painkillers and H back and forth. Opiates cost me my freedom (and a felony), more money then I could possible calculate and years of hopelessness...Your website helped me to believe I really could get off dope. It was brutally hard, by far the hardest thing I've ever done, But I've stuck it out. I have stayed completely clean and sober and I can't believe how much better my life is today. My worst day now is better then my best day 6 months ago.... I read, read and re-read the stuff on your website. I watched t.v..., you were totally right on ditching the phone numbers and going incognito for a while, Mr. Dope-man called, texted and asked my friends about me, he was missing that 500$ a week we'd been giving him... I can't over state how much help getting into a 12-step program has been for me. As soon as I could leave the house, I started hitting meetings... being around people, who not only didn't judge but understood and cared, made a huge difference to me. I truly love my life now, and I work everyday to make sure I'm doing what I need to stay clean and sober... Thanks for all you've done to give hope to people like me that we can get off dope..." ST (male)

  "Thankyou! You have saved me! Great article, I'm on third day with no craving's. I feel a little slow but by monday I should be GOLDEN! Thankyou Again!!" RC (male)

UPDATE: DAY 7: Just read your eletter and thank you! I won't let you down. It's monday and I feel great starting to get my power back and no restlesness. Once again thank you I will make it if not for myself but my son, family and friend's! YESSS I DID ITTT!!!!" RC (male)

"Atm I have 5 days clean... starting to feel a bit better... but the only reason for the being clean is im 2000 miles away from home!... im gonna try my hardest to keep this going... but its a battle,... it feels good to know there is someone to talk to about things when needd!!..." EL (male)

"I am on day 15 of being clean and it's the longest I've been since I started using. I went for my first walk/jog today and felt a little better. I used the lowest dosage of subutex to get through the first 4 days and have taken less than .1 mgs here and there when I have random skin crawlings because I don't want to be hooked to another substance....Thank you for listening..." WW (male)

"Hi Jorge!!! I just wanna say its day 6!!! Wow it was a struggle for me to get here cold turkey... I just kept reading what u wrote and hung on for dear life. I never made it outside because of the freezing cold but did make myself do jumping jacks everyday throughout the day, you have truly saved my life thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart!!..." GC (female)

"Thanks so much for this site man. Because this site exists. I'm 7 days clean man. And the worst is over! I owe you my life. I'll never meet you, but my life is in debt to you. Thanks man..." RF (male)

"Today is my 8th day clean from heroin. I followed your instructions on how to take the Suboxones for 6 days... THANKS to you, I'm done with that life. Lesson learned! Thanks, Jorge. May God bless you..." GK (female)

"Thank you for this inspirational website...He is now off the heroin again for the last 17 days,... Your website has showed me so many ways to guide him on the right path...I have his money in a joint account and I keep track of his money and have his ATM card. I'm trying to get him to work out... I'm thinking of relocating to Florida where I have most of my family... Thanks again for your very informative insight..." MP (mother helping son)
  "Hey Jorge,.. Wanted to check in, things are awesome right now. Much better then before. I went to detox... I spent 6 days and not an hour later in there, I finished my Program ... I started with na meetings... I've been clean over a month with the subs but it helps me keep my life together... I just finished my class to becoming a phlebotomist. I got an 85 for the grade. Super pumped. This couldn't be better.." JA (female)

"So far its good...I ll definitely need ur help to fight PAWS dis tym...Getting a lot of hope strength with guys like u around me...I appreciate ur helping attitude...May God bless u...And if I can be of any help to u, plz do not hesitate.. Though we live in different countries but still if u think i can help u in any way possible, plz do msg me...Once agin, thanx mate!!!!" RD (male)

UPDATE: Day 10: "Thanx for everything bro....Have been able to stay away from " for nearly 10 days... Ur website was really a true inspiration and guiding force for me at dat tym...Thanx for everything..Till den i ll remain glued to ur webpage for further updates!!... Dont know what tomorrow holds for me but till den I ll try to remain as strong as possible." RD (male)

"My name is "". I stay in South Africa. I have tried more than 10times to quit heroine bt I Wud go jus 1day n the ff morning Wud col my dealer to my gate to deliver After I read yo website I was inspired n so I decided to b strong for my 15year old daughter n quit. just wanted to say thank u Jorge for this helpful website I hv quit heroine n its bin 1month n 17days.." CM (female)

"hey brother... less than 60 days clean.. IM PAYING FOR and spreading HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT instead of bundles and turds....i no longer want to be a dope fiend so im trying to be a hope fiend and keep what i have by giving it away!!... i love you man wheather you know it or not... peace and be safe man!!..." GB (male)

"how are you, just wanted to let you know I'm clean, there were some very rough times but I'm good now, I'll never touch anything again. I'm with my grandkids and loving life!! Thank you for your support I truly appreciate it.." JH (female)
  "My boyfriend has been withdrawing for over 48 hrs. Your website has been so helpful to me... my apartment is a safe place. He has been staying here going on 3rd night heroin free. I have followed your tips. Stocked up on all supplies... Today he almost caved but I read to him from your website and I reminded him of his kids and how his future can be. He then quickly went back to bed. He has gotten up to shower, eat and drink... He gave me his keys three nights ago and he hasn't asked for them back. And at one point said I'm doing this for my kids, myself and you. It gives me hope he is really trying... Thank you for your website and support. I am having a hard time but using the approach you suggested, Loving, caring and non enabling... I keep telling him he is half way there and in a couple of days he will feel better... He is just using over the counter flu meds, vitamin water, peanut butter, Imodium... Thanks for your support. I love him and know if this drug was out of his life his life and children's lives will be forever changed!! J (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

UPDATE: Day 3: "We are just leaving first na meeting for him since April... we tried endlessly to get to a meeting. And we did it!!! He also erased the dealers phone number out of his phone. He can stay with me as long as he continues this road to being drug free... I keep reminding him everyday your life will improve and get better. I read to him about making changes from your website. I hope and pray for him. I just wanted to let you know That your website has helped me greatly. I learned so much and you got me through a scary emotional time. And I vow to myself, although I'm not an addict. I'm still a human and I'm going to continue to work on being an honest, moral, kind and compassionate person. Thankfully... J (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

UPDATE: Day 4: "I took him to phone store he changed his number and erased phone contacts...We took a walk around a beautiful close by water front town... I'm headed to take him to another meeting. I'm also going to buy him a small scale model of a building to work on his boredom. Stopping at hobby shop after meeting. I'm praying... Meeting tonight. Thanks for your support. We need it!!! J (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

UPDATE: Day 8: "Hey Jorge!!! 8 days strong! He has been going to a meeting a night. He walked out of meeting tonight 8 days clean, won a crazy 8 scratch off lol. And this is getting in touch with his spiritual side. He sees that all good is happening from his staying clean and making a meeting everyday. Everyday he is getting better and feeling better. We r going tomorrow to NYC and riding bikes through Central Park and then museum of modern art for my birthday. He is smiling and looks great and he is getting phone numbers from sober men with major clean time. I can't believe this all stemmed from your website and my ultimatum to him and most of all his strength to not want to be a junkie!! Really all gods intervention. Thanks again..." J (girlfriend helping boyfriend)
  "I googled on how to quit cold turkey and found your website it has been a tremendous help to me today is day three and I'm actually making it this time I hope to stay on this track... so far so good I want so bad to be off this garbage so I can take better care of my kids and get back to work and get it back together... Thank you you're web site got me to finally do it you are probably save my life as well as the well-being of my kids I can never repay you for what you've done for me I hope that this thank you will go somewhere longline helping to repay my debt that I will forever feel to you thank you from the bottom of my heart... I am comited on not doing so much as one more bag wish me luck.." MB (male)

UPDATE: "7 days clean now. i know i can made it this far getting easier each day. thanks to your web site u did it with me thank you for a new chance can never repay you but want you to know that i owe ya big time. dont ever want to go through those seven days again that was hard but getting easier for shure keep up the good work. thank you" MB (male)

UPDATE: "15 days clean and happy as hell cant wait to get to the 30 or 40 day mark then i can say i am well on my way tried and tried many times but have never gotten this far before guess cause i am old it just is alot worse... but i am happy to be at day 15 and did it myself... now i did it with methadone 2 days and subs 3 days then nothing it worked thank god and not too much pain and suffering like trying to do it with nothing just glad to be this far and making it. thank you for the website it helped more than you will know before now 3 days was as far as i could go then right back in the trap but looking up now anyway thank you." MB (male)

UPDATE: Day 18: "well i can say i am going to make it fealing a lot better and no more cold chills wow glad to be alive again ... thank you bro if i get to fla i will drop a line and thank you in person cant wait to get my bikes out this spring still have them one thing i didnt give up for the "" that and my kids a little more work wouldnt hurt but working on that thank you from the bottem of my heart.." MB (male)

"Hey jorge... Well I'm on a plane to rehab right now. I knew I had to go..yesterday after the night of withdraw I went to the set with no shoes ..just socks on and walked to get the dope.... I haven't went one full day without it in 2 years. I'm going to indiana. Just wanted to tell u. Thank you for listening back wen I didn't really kno I REALLY needed help like I do now. It's for 50 days... Thank you!!" LH (female)
  "just want to say thanks for your helped so so much bro . I'm30 DAYS clan Mann!!!! I quit cold with no Madison or was the hardest thing I ever went thru I thought I was gonna die bro for real man! but I did it...THANKS a Gen I was holding on to your words like it was a Bible LOL...Thanks again" RD (male)

25 Days clean: "George, Am on day 25 from a 20 year dope habit that escalated to about 20 grams a day... I must say.., "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. You inspired me to "get off the hamster wheel"..." RF (female)

"Hi Jorge,...Yesterday was my two month anniversary!! And my one month anniversary from cigarettes...still with my girl working on doing everything right. I so agree about the music and movies... Wish me luck, I´ll keep you updated. Thanks again. All the best, today and always..Take care." AO (male)

UPDATE: 6 Months Clean: "Hi Jorge, I wanted to share with you my six month anniversary. I´m still not smoking cigarettes either and I´m going on a month without weed. I´ve done most of the things you recommend on your website such as listen to good music and only watch uplifting movies (me and my gf have banished tv from our lives as well)...I feel strong and happy... and I´m loving life for the first time EVER. I´m also going back to school next week to get certified... You´ve been a great support and I periodically go back to your website to re-read some of your articles as a reminder of what I left behind. I´ve had plenty of temptations but have overcome them with grace. I don´t look at porn anymore and I definately guard my thoughts, as they are the root of our actions. Thank you for being such a great support for all of the heroin addicts out there as well as us addicts in recovery. God bless you. I´ll keep you updated...Take care" AO (male)

UPDATE: 1 Year Clean: "Hi Jorge,... Hope you´re doing great. Today is my one year anniversary!! I made it a whole year, one of many to come, with the help of god. My wife´s about seven months pregnant and everything is flowing beautifully. I´m still training BJJ (jiu-jitsu) and working out daily and I´m taking the test to get certified... I want to thank you once again for all your good advice and the energy you send to all of us former addicts as well as the those who are in the midst of addiction who contact you daily. God knows this world needs more people like you. God bless you...Take care" AO (male)
  "Hey Jorge...thank you for responding I was pleasantly surprised that you answer I'm done with this " my family deserves better and so do I I'm going to do my best to break free of this drug I can't live like this no longer... I'm done haven't had anything today chose my plan and I'm out of state until Monday so no way of scoring anything I've had enough of the lies to the wife trying to explain where our money went and my daughter deserves so much more...don't feel that bad lots of walking and I've been goin for 13 hours so pretty tired.." RM (male)

UPDATE: "I'm on my second day and to be honest I'm not feelin that bad I did taper down I guess that helps but to wake up and have that be the first thing on my mind is amazing thanks man and God bless you and this site that site is where I got the courage to do this." RM (male)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge... just sayin what's up day 4 and goin through ups and downs but feelin pretty good leavin for jersey tonight gotta keep goin though.." RM (male)

"Things with my son are improving... went through what he calls week of hell detoxing....but he has done it. He is in a group treatment.. he goes once a week and does so to get proof of a clean u.a. He also goes to a weekly one on one session with a certified substance consoler and after the first meeting with her.. she is very impressed with him and says that he is one of the most intelligent and strong young men she has meet. He likes the sessions and feels really good after the meeting. My prayers have been answered... I told him about you and so he may send you a friend request as well... many blessings! Thank you for being there..." MH (mother helping son)

"Hi Jorge, Thanks for the info re the med interactions, I had know idea, I cut my meds and I feel a lot better. I'm now on day 8 and have taken 1mg suboxone and I feel fine; it must be pretty strong stuff...Cheers" CH (female)

"wats up man its day six now i do feel better than day three but still pretty restless im getn a lil more excited each day knowin that freedom is that much closer. your website was a enormous help thanks so much.." JN (male)
  "I wanna say that my husband and I are heroin addicts and I've spent all day reading your sit. It's given me some hope and relief that there are other people in this world who know exactly what we're going through. It's seems like every time we try, we end up failing and I'm just so ready to put my foot down and have a life again. So I'm going to follow your advise and pray we can be strong like you have and overcome this. Thank you for sharing your advise and story with us! It truly does help!.." MY (female)

"Hey brotha I'm "" fiancé and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the positive and uplifting support you provide not only to my lady but everyone who faces the daily struggle with addiction and finding sobriety. You're a good man and god knows that. I've been clean since 1/11/15 and people like you make the world a better place and remind addicts that there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel. God bless you and again thank you Jorge.." JY (male)

UPDATE: Still clean: "thank you Jorge. It's truly a blessing from above to be where I am right now and something much greater and more powerful brought this opportunity to have my life back as a sober being. My wife and daughter needed their daddy back. My life was meant for so much more than what I was using it for. I am deeply thankful for being given a second chance at showing everyone who I am and what I represent..." JY (male)

"Jorge,... He talked me into checking myself into a hospital, a rehab I guess is much more accurate... It ended up being one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have made some of the closest friends of my life and now that we're all out and about..., we aren't doing it alone... it feels so good to be free again, like all those other people walking around out there!.. I'm fighting to win this thing. It gets a little better everyday... Thank you for your inspiration and for answering my email,..Godspeed man.." RR (male)

"Hi Jorge, I hope this email finds you doing well. Words cannot express how very grateful I am for you and your website. I am 15 days clean from both herione, alcohol and pain pills. I know I have along way to go, but your website has given me so much courage, strength and determination this time. So a Huge thanks to you...God bless you and your family." TC (female)

"Hi Jorge, ive just read your website and think its brilliant. I'm from the UK,...been smoking heroin everyday for the past 4 months (1gram per day). I am now 66 hours since my last smoke...Thanks man...Keep up your good work, your probably saving/improving countless lives. Take it easy brother.." JD (male)
  "I want to thank you for the many lonely sick painful nights that your website acted as a beacon on solid shores in a tempest of uncertainty. You have saved so many lives Jorge, including mine and continue to, year after year. Your testimonials make me tear up like so many others. It's truly touching and motivational...I wanted to write to you this time as a commitment to myself and to you that I will never turn back again. I will keep you updated as the days/months/years pass and hopefully one day my story may inspire others to break free as well. I don't know you, but you are loved so deeply. Thank you for everything..." JL (male)

UPDATE: Day 3:"was able to sleep a good 9 hours (fitfully) but with minimal discomfort, all things considered. I truly think the "restful legs" stuff helps a good bit. At work again today. Id be lying if I said I had any kind of energy what so ever. But all things considered I'm feeling ok. Able to hold conversation with my boss fairly easily which helps with taking my mind off the physical pain. I can't wait to be out of these woods. I can't wait to begin my new endeavor in life, now knowing I can never ever ever go back, not even once. Anyways I'm 6 hours from my 4th day. Hoping this will start to diminish as the night drags on... Wish me luck Jorge I've been thinking of your positivity!" JL (male)

UPDATE: Day 4:"Jorge, what an honor it is for you to respond to my emails. Very encouraging! Today (day 4) was unbelievably better. I ate a solid meal for the first time since day 1 and again I was able to sleep it off last night!!! A fitful but refreshing 7-8 hours! I woke up a new man for sure. Most of the discomfort has finally subsided... The goose flesh is almost gone/tolerable and I actually laughed for a long time today. I keep thinking about you, and what you've done for all those people who were scared to face this nightmare. It makes me want to volunteer somewhere to give back; like you have. Once my energy is up I'm going to start considering ways to help those who are still in her grips...I hope you are well my friend. Thank you again for the reply and the wonderful encouragement! Thanks for everything Jorge.." JL (male)

UPDATE: "On day 8 now. GOING STRONG! Chills and generally achey but time no longer drags out like a blade. My mental attitude is cleaner more optimistic. Anyways... I hope you are well!" JL (male)

UPDATE: Almost 3 months clean :"Lost count somewhere around day 10... Still going strong. Occasional night sweats but only when I get decent deep rem sleep.... I'm actually emailing you from Orlando, on my way home I stopped by Disney world and spent two solid days in the parks! My first time ever haha. So much fun. I'm glad I was able to kick before the tour and Disney. Otherwise it could've been a nightmare... Anyways. It was nice... It IS nice feeling like myself again... Overall I owe you a great thank you for all you've done, I'm so glad to be back on my feet again and headed the right way. I actually laughed until I cried tonight, I had forgotten what that felt like. Thanks for everything Jorge, I hope you are well!" JL (male)
  Day 6: "I'm finally through it all. I'm so happy and I know il never go back I suffered so much but I'm glad I did bec il never want to go through that EVER again but I feel so good I feel like I never did b4. Just wanted to say tu for ur support. You are a good person for caring and good luck to ur success...And I promise you and myself I will never look back or go down that road again. And every time I do think about it il remember the pain it caused in both ways while using and hurting everyone in my life and also ruined a good part I will NEVER forget the suffering I went through these last 6 days so that is a good thing to always keep in my mind. So thank you.... :)..." JR (female)

"Dearest Jorge, I am writing a follow up to my email to you regarding my son. He has been clean now for nearly 2 months. I cannot thank you enough for your very helpful and encouraging website. My son followed your cold turkey plan, except for the exercise. I watched the transformation as his body and mind allowed.... It took about 6 weeks to get a good nights sleep, and once the appetite returned, he got stronger every day. About 2 weeks ago he started to take long skateboard runs, and was quite happy to feel so energized. He began attending weekly Christian based meetings for addiction, and even attends church with me...He is looking for work now, eating and sleeping well, attending meetings and church, associating with drug free friends, and saying he wants to be drug free.,..Let me say again over, and over that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put into helping others. My son couldnt have done this alone.... God Bless you for all you do. Regards..." BF (mother helping son)

UPDATE: 1 Year clean: "Hi Jorge, I would like to thank you again and give you an update on my son. I cannot thank you enough for being there for us. My son is currently working in construction 6 days a week, 12 hour days. He started in iron work which is very hard and grueling in 100 degree heat. He loves his job and says he really doesn't want to go back to the life with drugs. My deepest gratitude to you and all of those that help you to help others and deliver a ray of hope in beating what is such a devastating addiction. God Bless You.." BF (Mother helping son)

3 Months clean: "Hi jorge... Hope you are well, you will be truly blessed for the work you're doing. Just wanted to know if naltrexeone is the right route for me, been taking it 3months now and haven't turned back since. Excited to hear from you...Kind Regards." JC (male)
  "Hey, your site has helped me a ton so far. I am @ 40 hrs clean... So far I've only used OTC meds and 1 xanax. Thank you for your website. Ive read everything over and over many times during these last 40 hrs. I used your site to pump me up for about a week before I quit dope..." HK (female)

UPDATE: Day 3:"Hi Jorge, thank you so much for your response. I honestly didn't think you would respond at all. I don't know how .. you have time to respond to everyone. But thank you, it means a lot...I did mean to say 10 mgs of done. I took 10 mgs last night and actually got 4. Full hrs of sleep. Thank God. That's 4 hrs off the clock!! I'm now @ 58 hrs clean 3 days!!...I have read your site over and over and over and from that I know I will not die!!! Please pray for me to get thru these next few days... honestly I don't know if it is the tiny bit of methadone or the nightquil or the little sleep but I feel a little better right now. Thank you so much for caring!!!" HK (female)

UPDATE: "Day 6 BABY!!!!! Damn it feels good. Life is beautiful!!!!!" HK (female)

UPDATE: "Hi Jorge, I've made it to day 12 !!!! Now that the worst is over, and I am back to work and the regular routine that I thrive on... One day I will thank you in person for all you have done to save my life!!!?? Xoxo" HK (female)

"Jorge, I'm sure you get this all the time but I can't tell you how much this website has helped me in my battle to quit opiates. I'm only on my 4th day clean but by doing a lot of the things you've suggested I feel like I've kicked the drugs this time. I've got a long way to go but I haven't felt this good in over 2 years so I don't plan on looking back. Thank you so so much for taking the time to share your story and your knowledge on the subject. Hope all is well!.." CF (male)

"hi Jorge, your website is the holy grail of information, thank you cannot adequately express our gratitude to you. Our son is 19 and we just learned he was addicted to heroin... Today is his 8th day clean. I had never heard of happy endings with people addicted to heron, your site gave us hope... He has moved back home with us and will start outpatient rehab tomorrow... He still continues to think they should be together, his counselor advised one year of no relationships, and to work on himself, what are your thoughts? I do believe he is committed to getting clean, and has done wonderful so far,.. Thank you." S (mother helping son)
  "Hello... I have been on h for a year.. I am on day 5 it was rough I didn't think I could do it but by following most of your site I am doing it and getting stronger every hour I have no desire to score or put a needle in my arm ever... I know I could score to but I have been strong and have not I had a few vicodin and percocets they helped this was on the third day.. stories have helped me get through this... thanx for this sight it has helped me out.soon it will be day 7 not soon enough one hour at a time thank you..." JS (male)

UPDATE: Day 6: "this site helped me out.. I walked for two miles today than took a bath chills seem to have gone away for a while its day 6 been holy hell but day 7 maniana so happy both me and my wife have been off for a week she is on day 6 on the warm turkey method man I admire you thank you so much for this sight without it we would be still in el paso using and ruining our lives we seperated for a while still togther though shes kickin at her grannys me I came to my moms.. man thanks day 7 and forever my life is mine again..." JS (male)

UPDATE: Day 7: "Man Jorge thank you for your site so much man... day 7 today can't Beleive I made it dont have no need for it urges desires cravings nothing man trying to get to day ten... That rocky song did it man I was soaking in the bath listening too first few days it really stayed in my head and got me by. I even went for a walk today.. soon and I'm going to see if I can quit smoking.. we split up to get clean and it worked she even has money for new shoes and clothes... me to it feels so good to almost be normal again thank you so much this site is such an inspiration man if only more people knew about it they would make it through this evil disease and hell of a life. Thank you..." JS (male)

UPDATE: Day 8: "Thank you so much man couldn't have done without your help those first few days were HELL but I pulled through man just kept reading your site and bathing several times daily... today is day 8.. chills have gone almost completely away... I just keep thinking never well I have to go through that again... Man your methods worked man I'm almost at day 10... dude your a life saver. I even feel so much better I bought some clothes hadn't done that in forever it felt good to have some money in my pocket for once. I'm just trying to take it day by day I know one thing those cravings are gone completely ihave no desire to touch that "" again... To whoever says it can't be done they are wrong... you got to want this better life, hope you can share my story with whoever you want.. because I want to help people get off this "" to your an inspiration man.thanks again.." JS (male)

UPDATE: Day 21: "Hey what's up man I been busting my " working 2 jobs now for about 2weeks now... thanks for all your help man I needed to hear someone say I was doing good I did it @Aaaaiiidddddrrrrrriiiiiiiaaaaannnn!!!!!!!!" JS (male)
  "Hi Jorge!!...I am happy to say I am 8 days clean… awww man I thank you because you inspired me!! I kept telling myself one more day... one more day!! I must have smoked a million cigarettes cause my nerves were super bad but Im sick of them too… I got some patches and Im working through it.. I once again thank you on behalf of myself and the countless other ppl who will read your story and be inspired to quit too!! I kno I still have a ways to go but this 8 days is a victory and an accomplishment for me!! Thank you soooooo much and I first thank GOD because he walked me thru the darkest time of my life!! Sincerely, former addict.." SW (female)

UPDATE: "Doing good bro..almost 30 days!! Yeeeaahhh boooooyyyyyy lol :) " SW (female)

"Hey Jorge... I bought a ton of immodium and HOLY "" it worked sooo well. I mean I still felt uncomfortable but I went almost 48 hours without any heroin and I felt pretty darn good. I didn't vomit once and I had no diarrhea....I mean I can totally deal with this for a few more days.. I can't believe I'm actually going to kick this thing cold turkey. I'm on day 3 right now and I don't feel good but I feel a MILLION times better now that I have all the OTC meds you recommended and I never would have been able to endure my horrible withdrawals that I had when I tried doing it with no OTC meds at all... Just knowing I'm totally fine and I won't die from this makes me have less anxiety which was something that just always makes withdrawals worse. SO anyway just wanted to update you and tell you how much of a night and day difference that has been..." EN (male)

UPDATE: "Well Jorge, I am happy to say ...heroin free since I left... I have NOOOOOO desire to get high at all... Thank you so much for your website and advice. if I hadn't known about the power of imodium i might have lost my mind... You were a real life saver dude!...I even managed to quit cigarettes and everything!.." EN (male)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge Well I got great news. I'm 7 days free of all heroin and I'm 3 days clean of suboxone and the physical withdrawals have FINALLY stopped. I feel like a regular human almost. I'm hungry for food!!!!... I still can't " believe I am NOT ON HEROIN ANYMORE!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHHHH!!! " the dope man he just lost a big customer. he keeps calling and I just ignore him now. It's so nice not to be his slave anymore..." EN (male)
  "i like your article. iv just got clean of 2mg of subutex, im at day 7 and ent gr8 yet. what you say about music is true. i run daily....anyway i just wanted to say, yours is probably the best advise for people who want to get clean that iv seen.... its good to be back man...." PC (male)

"I'm on my 8 night... I really enjoyed your website you need to let the people know that music really helps!!!!!" TC (male)

"Jorge, I'm now on day 13 after kicking suboxone & heroin cold turkey... I'm determined to win this battle, there is no stopping me! I am so inspired by your tips to be successful in the fight to be free of opiates. I hope others who might want to get out of bondage will visit your page and be encouraged as I was!!!!! Thank you my friend..." JW (male)

"Hi Jorge, I could never ever THANK YOU ENOUGH!! You are an Angel on Earth, My Friend!! Thank You so much... It was rough but your way truely did make it alot easier than the last few failed tries. I have been clean for a while now and getting strong as the days move on.... Once Again, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS,..." AI (female)

"Hey buddy, good news! I'm on day 13 right now and never felt more powerful in my life. I took in a lot of supplements, got a counselor, talked to friends, I'm at the point where I'm training every day an hour a day... So I'm beyond where I thought I'd be on day 13...and now I'm just feeling on top of the world mentally. Not quite physically...but I don't care. That is nothing compared to the hell I endured at the beginning of withdrawal...had me crying and praying for the first time in my life. Thanks Brother" GS (male)

"Hi Jorge, You've got a brilliant website goin here. You've got some great ideas about passing time, using music and films to stay motivated. I'm definitely goin to use your tips this time. I'll be goin cold turkey,.just wanted to say Hi and thanks." LG (female)
  "Jorge, Thank you so much for taking the time to publish this website, your words and motivation to kick the junk old-school cold turkey have really inspired me. Thank you for giving me the strength.... It's now been a whole day and I haven't wasted my entire morning thinking of a way to get my next speedball. I can already feel the change approaching, and I'm welcoming it, with reluctant, yet joyous outstretched arms. What a guy you must be, to dedicate your life to helping guys like me. Thank you so much! I'll stay in touch!..." CJ (male)

UPDATE: 1 month clean: Jorge, I am pleased to report that it has been over a month since I beat heroin and cocaine cold-turkey. Wow, has my life drastically changed! Most noticeably, I have gained over 20 lbs.... I cant stop eating everything in sight! ARGGGG!! I have to remind myself to eat healthier. I have been taking a vitamin regiment which has been helping a lot. Especially my B-Complex vitamins coupled with L-Lysine (amino supplement). I would highly recommend this combination to others in my situation. You were right about the exercise, SO important...I did my best to stretch often and keep moving around, and I took the occasional light walk to the store for supplements or beverages... I had the help of my girlfriend who stood by my side the whole time... Going through all of this together has made us so much stronger, and it becomes more and more clear that she is the person I will marry... I started a new job...I was lucky to have some good friends plug me in with a new job within a few weeks after quitting... I am starting to get back into shape...And after this next paycheck, my girlfriend and I will finally be all caught up on our bills and rent... One of the guys saw me yesterday and said "wow man, you look like a normal, happy, healthy person"... I just feel so thankful to be alive. Everything in life has become so beautiful again. The birds, the sunshine, flowers, smells, feels.... its like an explosion of life everywhere. I feel reborn. It's amazing.... the feeling is so much better than any drug can give you. I proved to myself that "anything is possible"... truly.... you only have to believe in yourself. I feel this empowerment that I have never felt before and I have all this confidence in myself. Something I have struggled with my entire life... Thank you for being there for all of us, Jorge, we need more people in the world like you. It is so easy to be written off by the world as a "stupid junkie"..... but YOU know that its more complicated than that. We are people too. Normal people who have made bad decisions because we were in pain, emotionally or physically. Thank you man. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart..." CJ (male)
  "Dear Jorge, I stumbled across your page around ten days ago. Your site showed sensitivity and compassion. It's just what I needed as oppose to the cold "your a junkie" type sites. Its what us lost souls need. You inspired me! your words were and still are a most needed comfort and inspiration! I am now soon to be 7 days clean. The insomnia is debilitating but I will march on through! I simply wish to say, thank you Jorge, you have been of priceless help to me. I wish I could shake your hand..." Ads (Male)

UPDATE: Day 9: "Hey Jorge, Your reply has given me such a boost bro! now on day 9. I know I got a long road ahead but its do or die like you said. I am getting an hour here and a couple of hours there which helps,... 6 months of smoking that crap. What a fool I was. Never again!!! Jorge, thank you so much!" Ads (Male)

UPDATE: Day 12: "Hey Jorge,... I had a read of your site and its the words "Do or die" that resonated inside me! you said that if your just going to lie in bed and feel sorry for yourself, your going to just fade away!... there was a moment where I plucked up the courage to tell the guys (they were aware of my addiction to H) and I just opened up fully about my battle and I told them that I am clean now for 12 days, they cheered and shook my hand and hugged me. Man, I broke down into tears! I mean I bawled like a baby! But it felt so good just to get it out! I hammered the crap out of my guitar! I felt this energy, this force flowing through me!The bottom line is...I FELT ALIVE AGAIN MAN!... I know I dont know you, but I feel like I do in a way as have read from the same evil page. As a mentor goes, AGAIN I want to thank you Jorge from my heart, for taking the time out to support me. DO OR DIE BROTHER! God bless you Jorge,.." Ads (Male)
  40 Days clean: "Hey Jorge,... Thought I would give you an update you on how I am doing and thank you again for your supportive words... I took your advice and battled through. All opiates out my system have not used again. Managed to go back to work today without feeling my heart was bursting out my chest with anxiety. Think the fresh air, structure and being back in the company of the outside world worked wonders too. I really want to keep away from the bad ways and I know I have a way to go with my psychological work. I need to be strong when the thoughts try to tempt me back.... I am getting married soon and my fiance needs to feel secure and not feel she is waiting for the next nightmare...Thanks so much man.." JD (male)

UPDATE: 6 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge how doin man, it's " " that ex addict from Scotland, im still clean my friend started a new job (better pay, better people) and I'm doing so well mate. I am in heaven mate, I really am and those kind emails you sent still ring in my ears, i am stronger than ever and more vigilant and find it easier to discipline myself thanks to people like yourself who have took the time to care, (thanx man) from my heart really, give my love to your family and friends and don't be shy to let people know the work you do because it does work. It's raining here in Glasgow, but the sun is shining in me once more, I am on top and intend to stay here, have a great day buddy, god bless you and yours jorge hope to hear from you soon my friend!!!" JD (male)

"Hello Jorge your story is truly amazing and would like to say all this information has been really helping my boyfriend...Day 1, 2, 3 were really bad for him, day 4 was a good day and he felt so much better but after having a sleep for the first time since quitting... Your website is so helpful and inspiring and as well as helping people quit it has also helped me understand more about heroin and give my boyfriend much better support and encouragement..." SH (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

"Jorge, Hello!! I just HAD to let you know.....we did it...I can't believe how much better I'm FINALLY feeling:)...I'm feeling sooooooo much better.... I can not THANK YOU enough for all your advice....if my daughter had not found your site I'm sure we would all still be using. You are a good man & I will never forget all the help you gave us.... And I KNOW my parents are looking down smiling....finally. Thanks again.." KY (female)

UPDATE: 8 Months clean: "Hi there! I wanted to let you know it is going on 8 months I've been clean now. I can't believe it's really been this long. I can't thank you enough. I've found a killer job making almost $15/hour.., I have my own place again and feel SO good every morning when I wake up. The not sleeping, shakes & eyesight issues have all gone away too...I know my parents are proud of me and I'm trying to help them both by example. Thank you again for being there for me. You are in my daily prayers as you saved my life. I'll continue to keep in touch! Love..." KY (female)
  "Hey Jorge! Look man, its not that i wasn't expecting an answer from you, but such a personalized answer just made my day, really. I really admire the fact that you actually care and i bow to you and your good will, truly... and on that behalf buprenorphine is helping a lot. Its day 4 today and i feel better. i'm eating healthy and trying to think healthy too. Im following your advices, and i will do everything to keep walking the clean path and quit heroin for good. I normally get by quite good with the first days, my problem is one that you have mentioned in your site, overconfidence. After the first 7 days i tend to become euphoric and to confident and i really have to work my mind out concerning that. Your web site is the best, most complete and organized web site i came across through out the web. We could use something like this in Portugal, since we have lots of people seeking advice online but nothing like this exists... Maybe one day, if i quit for good(and eventually i will) i'll work on a platform like yours to help my fellow portuguese addicts. I would love to that =) I'll keep you updated Jorge and keep on reading your site and advices. I agree with you when you say that we become the information we tend to seek out for, so ill keep reading about quitting heroin and turn my life around for good!! Thank you so much and may the good force be with you too=)" PS (male)

UPDATE: Day 5: "Good morning Jorge,Thank you man, really. Maybe i will. I wanna do this, quit heroin. More than anything right now. Its amazing the power that unconditional support has on people...Keep doing your thing, your words have great power,honestly. Day 5, back to work, but feeling much better. Have a nice day!" PS (male)

18 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge! I'll have almost 18 months clean...I've actually had the same job for a whole " year..!..I've never had a job that long.. Miracles and blessings left and right...I have a very few people in my life that never gave up hope that I could get my life together, you are one of them. :) ... Just for today, I am free Jorge.... And what an amazing thing it is to not be a prisoner of my own mind. I hope this finds you well. :) I have soooo much love in my heart for you. You have always been there, kinda like one of those great big oak trees. Gotta go for now, I get to go be a productive member of society!..." AW (female)
  "jorge, i found your site, like it was from god. my story is similar in that i come from a good home, im from new york and i have had a serious problem with drugs since i was 17 (im 31 now) just more and more trouble, harder and harder chemicals... i finally ater 12 years quit marijuana only to start playing with dope which i never had a problem with until i started doing it everyday...i have a job, and i just sniffed my last line as i had my coffee and went over more of your site. ive been reading it for the past week, my kratom just came in the mail this morning and i have everything i need to try and get through it. this will be my 4th time trying to stop,...i dont deserve my girl or my comfortable life. i am the one making it uncomfortable.... i have the kratom which should help with it, and the coriceden cold medicine. apparently the DXM is an antagonist to your receptors... i dont know ive tried dope in the past on and off, never thought it would turn into a habit, and i guess im surpised at how fast you can get addicted and how rough it really is to move on.... thanks for your time, and ill be following your site religiously until i get on my feet.." WG (male)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge... On my third day, starting to ween off the kratom. Used the valerian root, 5htp kratom and multivitamin and vitamin d and melatonin. So far I actually slept the two nights where before I was wide awake, so that was awesome. Im doing it... getting that exercise. My legs haven't ached too much and I feel happy from the 5htp. I think I may have found the concoction to get through it... I've kept my job through all this "" I put myself through... Im doing it this time. Thanks for your awesome site..." WG (male)

UPDATE: Day 9: "Feeling good man... moving forward. Not as hard as I thought. I've spent the latter part of my adult life totally on drugs so this is welcomed. Seem to have more energy and im happier. Glad I don't have to spend so much money... The worst is over. And I slept throughout the sleepless parts for once,..." WG (male)

"I'm at day 8,... I'm going to make it. The worst has to be behind me. Thanks for the website, it helped me every day...I woke up feeling much better. I also told some people who are close to me and I was amazed by their kindness and support. I expected shock and condemnation and got the opposite. I cried when I read your email.... It feels good to admit and talk about what's going on... I rode an exercise bike today and went on a short walk. Thanks..." TB (female)

UPDATE: 33 Days clean: "Hi Jorge!!! I'm doing great. Still clean and feeling better every day. The horror of the first two weeks has gone along way in curbing any cravings. I don't know if I could go through that again. Now that I know. So I'm good, putting my house back in order. It's a literal and figurative disaster. I have a 2nd job interview tues for a big management job I am super qualified for. So. ..... Thank you. I don't know if I could have done it without you. Hugs..." TB (female)

"Hi Jorge, I'm writing to tell you that I finally did go to my doctor yesterday and came completely clean with her and she was so supportive! I wanted to thank you for your advice to go and tell her because I'm not sure I'd of had the guts without your encouragement and the support of my family. Thanks," SR (female)
  "I just wanna say....THANK YOU SO.. MUCH! This is the only thing to get me to quit. after reading this I prepared myself and did it. Kicking my 3 bag a day habit was so hard, but i did it finally. And it was all help to your guide bro. If i could hug you, i would. Again, thanks a lot. <3<3 Much love..." RH (male)

"Found your site 8 days ago, and immediately ordered kratom caps to detox off 4 mgs Sub that I was on for depression, not even for opiate addiction. After the sub stopped working I tried to get off... then I researched and found your site. I had the Kratom overnighted and stopped sub that day. Sooo much easier...not perfect but I don't want to jump off a high rise and I now have hope. Many thanks..." MG (female)

"My wife and i had just quit 21 days ago cold turkey... we will never go back. A lot of the things in the article you wrote we did and i am glad to see someone else made it.... we dont want to go there again. thank you for the read that you made it was very inspiring." TC (husband and wife)

"Hi Jorge, I'm from Australia... I stumbled onto this site. Let me just say, I love it and thanks again. It gave me strength and hope even in those moments where I would breakdown in tears... Well im back at work today and I wanted to write to you as soon as i got back.... I wish to express my gratitude and if youre ever in town let me know and i'll tell mumma to cook the best Wog food you ever had..... God Bless you brother..." DM (male)

"Your site is the best site on quitting!...I really mean that,...People dont understand junkies need and hour by hour plan and thats what you give. I was a junkie for 20 years... You addressed some very important but mostly missed things...i.e. (what you watch)and the rollercoaster effect it can cause...(been there) the otc stuff...the right music... this is a REAL LIFE PLAN... not some bull... CANT SAY ENOUGH... your a smart guy jorge... you learned your lesson well. THANK YOU..." GO (male)
  "Hey Jorge...I am exited to let u know that today i am clean for 18months and going strong... reading your page... inspired me to want to quit. I also go to weekly NA meetings. Thanx for that bro. i have got my life back and im loving having sum money again. To all those addicts out ther, honestly if a previous ""  like me can quit, then ANYONE can. Irie my brother and much love. Jah guides..." NG (male)

"Hello Jorge, I wanted to let you know how "" has faired the last six days. "" first two days were, for lack of a better term, a full on firestorm. But she held strong and cooperated with all she had. During the toughest parts she kept mumbling something we couldn't make it. Finally we got what she was saying... it was "I can do this, I can do this"... day five, "" slept the entire night... day six. They went for her walk/run... I'm so pleased she is bouncing back with the determination of the champion that "" has always been. She is going back to work tomorrow morning, day seven. I don't know how to thank you for the good you have done with your detailed website and personal commitment to those who reach out to you when they are ready to change and get well... With much admiration and appreciation..." DR (mother hepling daughter)

UPDATE 35 Days clean: "Hello..Today marks 35 days! Yay!! A double yay is in order because I surprised "" with a drug test...clean :-) She gave me her bank card some weeks back, and since she makes cash tips at work she made a deal with me to bring them home to me and let me dole out a weekly allowance. ...I feel that this temporary guardianship of her money keeps any unspoken temptation at you know what a true life saver you are? With much respect,..." DR (mother hepling daughter)

"Dear Jorge, I've reached day 40, it seemed like something that I would only read about. I relapsed a couple of time when I tried to quit before, made it to day 5 and day 7 and even day 16. This time I believe the decision was made to quit for good, it was part surrender and part deliverance. Your love for the addict is amazing and I hope you know your love, help, site have helped save many lives and has healed many families. I will now pursue recovery classes in hopes of helping myself and others as you have helped me.. My wife and I are both very grateful. Thank you..." MF (male)
  "Hi Jorge,...he's still clean after almost 2 years and is now in the Air Force... Seriously, without you none of this would have been possible. The way he was going he'd either be dead or in prison by now, but instead he's learning to dismantle bombs and serving his country. Thank you for everything..." AM (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

105 Days Clean: "Hey there! Just wanted to give you and update on how I was doing. I've got 105 days clean today and loving ever minute of life again! I went to treatment in november and have been clean ever since.... I wanted to say thank you for all the help and hope you bring to peoples lives. If it weren't for your site and stories I don't think I would've ever found the courage to move forward. I was so broken and lost .... and now I can finally stand to be in my own skin... Thanks again friend. God bless..." NL (female)

UPDATE: 10 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge! I'm doing really well!... i got a promotion at work..., I'm coming up on 10 months clean! It feels amazing! i love my new life, and i am so glad that i decided to get better when i did.... Thank you so much..., it shows me that there are people in this world who truly do care about people suffering with addiction. Best wishes to you my friend, hope to hear from you soon...." NL (female)

"Yes! I made it through work and didn't puke or die or anything, haha... I'm glad I went to work. ... Your e-mails have helped a lot ...And believe me, I am not going to give up now. I swore to myself this would be the last time I get sick. I'm going to try to get back into music or something because I'm sure I'll have extra time on my hands now. ... Thanks again. Your website rules, and I will recommend it to everyone I know that wants to quit. I couldn't afford the things you had on the cold turkey section.. but things on there still helped me and even made me tear up some. I don't have a great support system here and just reading that, even from a complete stranger, that I can do it is amazing. Thanks again :) " TH (female)
  "Hi Jorge! i read ur page and have been taking all the otc's u recomended. im now 51hrs in and compared to the last time I quit cold turkey, this is 100 x's better. my symptoms are so much easier to deal with. havent ran or walked, but am getting out of bed and doing things. last time I just layed there and 12 days later didnt even feel this good. thanx for all ur wonderful advise! i cant wait to be free again! god bless u for caring!..." TM (male)

"Thank you.... Your advise was the best around.....running, hot baths, suppliments!!!! 7 days sober today!!!! Thank you for assuring me that I was not dying. I really did question it for a few days lol..., have no doubt that this battle is mine to conquer and giving up us not an option. I'll update u in a few weeks, however I am off for a morning Jog. Thank u, a million times, thank u for all of your great tips and good knowledge. You were a light in a very foreign darkness!..." SH (female)

UPDATE: 3 Months Clean: "Doing great! Still clean. Everyday gets better and better. Not having my life prisoner to the next opiate is truly freedom. ..... . even now i havent relapsed. I want to live my life. Everyday theres a choice i make to stay clean. Having a website like yours really helped. An email to reach out really shows that you are very amazing human being. Means a lot. Thank you :-).... be blessed. Hugs...i had better go.... Time for my daily run, that you got me hooked on :-) thank you for everything!" SH (female)

"Thank u so much! I have read ur site so many times and finally did it. First time cold turkey didn't work but warm turkey with a few subs did. I'm on day 4 and feel great. I still have 2 subs left and taking them only when needed. Now I'm reading how to beat the cravings and telling myself I can do this. Thanks again u gave the best advice..." MS (female)

UPDATE: Day 9: "It was one of the hardest things I've ever done...but now so worth it. Thank u again for keeping my head up, u really did help me believe in myself. Another thing that helped was I wrote a letter to myself promising to never do it again, all the reasons not to, how I felt withdrawing, and how to get thru the cravings. I took all ur advice and I think I have ur whole entire Web site memorized by now. Thanks again if I didn't stop now I might not have been around in a few more months cuz I was losing so much weight. I'm small as it is only 5 ft and 97 pounds but 2 Weeks ago I was at 83 pounds and would have probably kept losing more weight. I read the success stories and people say that u saved there life, well u can add one more to the list. Can't thank u enough..." MS (female)
  "Hi Jorge!.. I wanted to let you know how I'm doing now. I'm engaged to the most supportive and understanding man in the world, and I went back to school to become a doctor. I'm in the honors program at a private " " university with a 4.0 so far, and I'm hoping to become a psychiatrist and join Doctors Without Borders and open up a rehab one day. I had done heroin for 8 years, and once I became clean, I was disgusted at how selfish and despicable a life I had been living. I've gotten 5 of my friends to quit and took care of them through withdrawals...My advice to anyone looking at this website is stop waiting for a good opportunity to quit. A lot of people have to keep working to pay their bills or fix their cars or get a lawyer, but nothing will get better while you're still doing dope. A lot of people's lives are hanging on by a thread, and they feel they don't have the time to withdraw. They're afraid to lose their jobs (the ones who have jobs), but there's no point in even having a job if you're just going to spend your money on dope. When you do dope, there are only 4 places you can go: to the streets, to jail, to the hospital and to the morgue. It's impossible to become successful while on it, and there are no advantages that last. These are facts. I'll never forget the day I stumbled on your website. I didn't know what to do, and all I had to do was ask. You helped me every step of the way... I hope I can come visit you when I finish med school and my residency. I'll definitely need a vacation to the beach by then! :) Thanks for all the help! I never could have done it without you!..." LT (female)

"I jus wantd to email you n let u kno how helpfull ur site has been for me so far... a few months ago a friend showed me this site n I checked it out and about 2weeks ago.... I hit that rock bottom point of it all n knew it was time. So since then iv been constantly reading everythng on here n using it to my advantage n its gotten me further than ever. I actually am happy for the 1st time in years that im gettin my life bak. I couldnt have gotten 13 days clean now without ur help so I jus wanted to thank u alot for puttin this up to help us...." JM (male)

UPDATE: Day 16: "Thanks man. I realy appreciate it. Honestly I dnt kno if I 100% could have gotn to this point without ur help n al that stuff. Ur really helpn all of us ppl on.need more than u thnk strait up. Sobriety feels way betr than it evr did before I became a junky n I have u to thank for that. Ur site really pumpd me up to turn my self arnd n at the perfect time too ... im finally clean at the perfect time to get bak to workn evryday n makn a good livng n bein proud of my life again like I was bak then.... please always keep ur site open to ppl in needand always believe that ur doin a awesome job at saving lives cuz thats the strait real truth...." JM (male)

UPDATE: 4 Months Clean: "o nevr betr...i def havnt been.thnkn about it at all. jus focused on working and getn myself a house soon. been going to the gym almost every day gettin.back the look i lost on drugs. so yea id say so far so good. no lookn back jus stayin true to the life i really want. i appreciate u emailing me . its good to kno thrs ppl out there that care..." JM (male)
  Day 16: "Hello Jorge... Its been 16 days without opiates and feeling better day after day. Man, your site and personal story truly inspired me and as I said...., planted a seed in me... the no turning back tree is now growing in the fertile garden of my ravaged soul, towards the light! I feel strong and will not go back to heroin slavery. Thanks for your site, your support, you probably know that but your site has a lot of impact on the mind of people willing to quit this evil addiction. I still have a lot to do with my life. Revolution is on the verge in my home town " " and all over the world... The only people making war on drugs are the ones trying to quit!!!!!! Have a nice day Jorge, you saved another soul!..." CG (female)

3 Weeks Clean: "Hi Jorge, I just wanted to say hello to you, my friend, and let you know that I am back... and still sober. Staying sober hasn't been easy man but I have done it for three weeks now (off of EVERYTHING including lesser drugs and alcohol too) and it does feel good. I started exercising again and that really helps.... I just have to keep going. Keep fighting the evil urge to use. Stay sane. Stay calm.... I am just going to take little steps like fixing my resume up and then send it out daily. And just pray. And pray....I hope you are well. I thought of you often.... You may have saved my life. I still thank you every day for what you are doing here and for the website. It's a miracle for addicts in need. Keep it up! Your friend,..." LC (female)

UPDATE: 1 Year clean: "Hello there Jorge!...I have some great news - I made it to my ONE year sober mark!!! I'm really not sure how to convey what I felt the yesterday as I took my one year token at my home group meeting. There was so much love and joy and gratitude in that room. I felt like I finally had achieved something in my life that I could be proud of. I finally set a goal and achieved it, and it was the hardest thing I've ever done! ...The life I have today is so radically different from my life just one year ago. I have a safe, warm home to live in with people who love me. I have food in my refrigerator. I have hobbies now that do not involve scoring and using. I found out that I am not at all who I thought I was - I am someone who likes things like gardening and photography and writing...Today I have successful, kind, positive-thinking friends I can talk to or call anytime...I am able to be more honest with everyone, especially myself, and that is such a gift...the biggest miracle of this past year for me has been the birth of my son... I love my little boy so much... I will never forget what you have done for me and so many others by building your website and being at your computer when I called out in desperation. You are this incredible torch in the darkness for all us...Thank you for not forgetting us. Thank you for going back into the "war zone" now and again to help some of us out. You are a personification of the good in all Heroin addicts and ex-users. We all have something to offer this world. I can't wait to begin helping others more as I get stronger and stronger. Thank you AGAIN from me and my son "!... If I could hug you or shake your hand I would. Much love to you, brother. Love Your friend and (sober!!!) sister..." LC (female)
  " is our 12th day clean off heroin! your site really has helped keep me motivated these past days... For some reason i can feel it within myself that this time is diferent, we are done, cant keep being a slave to the dam drug! I want to thank u for this site... i really feel different this time and dont think i'll go back to that life... thanks again for ur site!..." AL (male)

UPDATE: 95 Days clean: "...Jorge!! Today my bro and I are 95 days off dope!... Been excercising almost daily and actually look forward to being able to wake up and not be sick! Thanks again for ur website it was a huge help! I know in my heart ill never go back to my old way! Thanks again!..." AL (male)

10 Months Clean: "Dude you have no idea how much you helped me out for real i think i be readen your story for the first three weeks that i was self detoxing And it got me through and here i am ten months later.... you help alot of us out thank you very much and god bless you..." AN (male)

"Hi Jorge. Thank you for putting this site up for girls like me who want to change.... start googling things and stumble upon this gem!...I have been clean now from snorting H and Oxys for 3 weeks...once again thank you for all this info. This page has given me great guidance...Thanks.... LB (female)

"Thank you so much for your post this is day five with no heroin or any pills to get off it just cold turkey immodium and dramamine..." VD (mother helping son)
  "Hi,..My bout was shortlived with "H" luckily. I tried my first hoot about 2 months ago and I quickly became a 400 plus dollar a day user. I followed your cold turkey tips to a T and am now on day 6 and doing really well! Anyone who says they can't are wrong. I just did it w my boyfriend we suffered and succeeded together and I just wanted to say thank you!.." S & C (female)

"Your site helped me alot. I'm almost 72 hours into my withdrawl after using heroin iv for almost a year. I feel really good, the worst is over from what i hear and my body is starting to return to normal. your site was a huge inspiration and i found myself going back over the more motivational parts of your page over and over whenever I felt weak and it helped me get through. I know its soon yet, but I really think I beat this and I did it with your help. Whoever the hell you are, thank you. you are a really great person..." WM (male)

UPDATE: "day 8. feelin like a rockstar. killin it at work. you saved my life. i will pay it foward.." WM (male)

"Hey man,... I am now 8 days clean off a serious long term heroin addiction, which is the cleanest I have been in years, and it definitely feels amazing. I've read your page countless of times because of the motivation it gives me, I have always felt like everyone else had the strength to quit except me, but I did it and I'm threw my withdrawls. Thanks for your support." KC (male)

"We are trying to follow your website to help him come off heroin… I gave him the Tagamet, Imodium, and Nyquil and it made him feel 100% better. I think I should make sure he gets it through the night as well as the daytime Thank you.." RH (mother helping son)

44 Days clean: "Hey just wanted to let you know we're still clean. Just got a house now that al of our money isnt out the window. I feel like i woke up from a LONG nightmare, it feels awesome. Im losing weight and feeling more healthy and stronger every day. Thanks for the support. I only took a half of a sub for three days and i did it! My husband needed more but hes off subs and all also. Finally, we are enjoying life with our baby and picking up the pieces of what we lost to dope. Thanks,..." JC (female)
  "Hi jorge, just letting ya know we are five days in!!!! And i am hella stoked! Thanks to you. you have been our life saver and since I dont know you personally im praying for god to do something good for you in your life! you are an inspiration to us all out here. I hope for more and more users to find your website and get the know how and the courage to quit.... well i love you jorge!!!! thanks again! :) :) xoxox :)..." RE (female)

UPDATE: "Hi jorge. We r now 12 days in today! Im exited. I feel like i am living my life again. Yesterday we were able to go to the creek and go swimming and have a good time sober. It was a blast.... Last week we were only like in our third day and this guy called wanting us to go in on a g with him. We even had the money in our pockets to do so and we fought the temptation. I was proud.. It was hard as hell though lol but we did it. Thank u again so much! Again i sit here and cry just thinking about everything and how long we have come.... now everything is so great... Thank you soooo much!!!!!!! *with tears in our eyes! Love !!!..." RE (female)

UPDATE: 1 Year Clean: "Jorge you may not remember me but I came to you over a year ago and I asked for your help to get clean.. I come to you over a year later and I want to say thank you and God bless you Jorge!!!! You helped guide me, you wrote me back in email when I thought I would give up!!! My gosh was it hard?!? You damn right it was! I am over a year clean.... People I promise yall can do it and Jorge will help!!!! God has a special place for you Jorge! Is it possible to love a stranger???? Because I love you!!..." RE (female)
  11 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge.... just like so many people before and after me, you guided me through the worst part of my withdrawls and helped me to the other side. You helped me get back on my feet, and you were there for me during times I thought I was going insane. I will have 11 months clean from opiates tomorrow. I just wanted to say THANK YOU... you have given me my life back... you helped me to grow the wings I needed in order to fly, and stay away from all the drug... I don't talk to anyone who uses... I have amazing friendships again... I have goals that I am pursuing... I have never felt better. I just wanted to say thank you..." NM (female)

UPDATE: 4 Years clean: "Hello Jorge, I am emailing you to say "thank you." This voice of appreciation has come much later than it should have, and I apologize for that. You kept me on my toes during the most crucial time in my recovery. On June 30th I will have 4 years clean. I have been in college for the last 3 years and worked my way up to an Assistant Store Manager position with the job I kept during my schooling. I am finished with my prerequisites now, and will be applying to the nursing program at my college. I have kept a consistent 3.8-3.9 GPA the whole time I've been in school; addicts tend to be persistent... I have worked " to get to this point; I even dropped rap music :) I just wanted to say thank you for helping me, inspiring me, coaching me, listening to me, advising me, and most of all-- for caring about me. You laid the foundation in my recovery and gave me the tools I needed to build upon it. I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Jorge..." NH (female)

"jorge, your website gives me more inspiration to get of the... and get my life back together than ANYTHING else. when i finally clicked the "if you're ready" link and the rocky theme started i nearly cried because i was filled with so much hope..... i can't wait to be free,....thank you for your inspiration..." MF (male)
  "Hey-...i've been using heroin for almost 2 years, and in the past 6 months is when i've become on and off physically dependent. The vicious cycle of heroin use and withdrawl...god, it's the most painful thing to endure, whether for yourself or for someone you care about. I went to your site and read the whole thing- crying the entire time (especially the testimonials). The information you offer is so spot on and helpful, the best we (me and my boyfriend) have found so far. Thank you so much for creating this site and being there for complete strangers. After reading this site and seeing how strong and motivated my boyfriend is, I really do want to just get rid of the rest of my bags and start fresh, stay clean for the both of us. I really appreciate it, thank you so much for helping me and especially for helping my boyfriend to stay strong...." AB (female)

UPDATE: Day 1: "Hey again, today's day one. finished my last bag last night. i woke up feeling okay,...can't get comfortable. ..., and i'm sweating and cold ugghh. i can't get any more so i obviously just have to suffer through it. i can't wait to be done with this and i'm hoping tomorrow won't be as bad as i think it will be. thanks again for listening. hope all is well with you...i'm gunna go drink some water, take a hot shower and try and relax. thanks again- and i'll keep you posted!..." AB (female)

UPDATE: Day 2: "i keep telling myself it doesn't get worse than this, that the worst is over... day 2 almost done, day 2 almost done. i cant even imagine moving, its hard enough to go get more water ugghh. thank you for the continued support, i reread these messages daily. i will get through this...." AB (female)

UPDATE: "Day 3!... I forced myself to get up..., and talking to him (I came clean) helped a lot....Woke up this morning...- took some dayquil and advil. Got up and got ready for class, tried eating pretzels and peanut butter...definitely a struggle :/ My stomach started killing me so instead of going to class i went back to your website. i labeled my calendar! it worked out perfectly.. day 30 is my last day of school and i get to go home. I'm so excited! It made me feel good looking at the calendar. And to be honest, I was really skeptical of the music thing on your page, I didn't think it could have that big of an effect. However, I decided to try it.. so i went and listened to I Will Survive. Not gunna lie, it made me cry...but in a good way, like I was smiling too. I have it on repeat right now, really uplifting (: I know day 3 is going to be hard too.., but I'm excited to get through it and get to day 4. and then to day 30..." AB (female)

UPDATE: "almost done with day 4. besides occasionally being freezing or boiling, my main symptoms are headaches, a terrible cough...., and my stomach almost constantly being upset haha. oh and randomly feeling the need to cry? which is always fun. i know it'll get better soon and i'll get to move on from eating pb&j whenever i'm hungry haha.... thanks again...." AB (female)

UPDATE: "hey again! day 6, feeling basically back to normal, which is great......hope all is well with you!..." AB (female)
  UPDATE: "day 7- made it out. one weeeeeek yay (: ..." AB (female)

UPDATE: "hellohello. finishing day 12, doing well.....i've been trying to keep myself busy/brain occupied so i don't think about all this. i do hope all is well with you and that you're getting many success emails!..." AB (female)

UPDATE: Day 13: "I just watched the movie Candy- it was fantastic. It of course made me cry, just watching what they go through and the procession...., it just made me think, ya know? and i love the tim buckley version of the theme song, song to the siren.... i'm feeling a little better about things.... keeping myself busy. thank for you for the last email, as always, made me feel better.... hope all is good with you!..." AB (female)

UPDATE: 1 Month Clean: "Hello hello! I just wanted to send a quick email saying that I'm home, done with finals (and even did pretty damn well haha- got an A on one final/in one class, waiting on the others!), and on day 31!!! I got home last night, and usually I immediately go and get a bag and then figure out my plans, but nope! Only vaguely crossed my mind, but didn't even crave. I know it's only day one, but I was still pretty damn happy haha.... And it just reminded me of your testimonials page, and how I would read it and couldn't wait to be a part of that, actually sober of this.... I hope all is good with you!..." AB (female)

UPDATE: 75 Days Clean: "Hey,...I've been doing well,... I have over 75 days clean (lost count haha) and am feeling really good! I started going to meetings over the summer actually, and liked them a lot more here than in my home town. Thanks for checking in!..." AB (female)
  "...i am in day 1 and i have been reading all success stories from your website that motivated me so much again... i do really appreciate u getting back to me and i am seriously working on it...i really really want to be clean...sincerely..." BP (male)

UPDATE: Day 6: "hi jorge,...i went miles n miles away a far end town...i went through my hell but bright and smily future n i have got it this time, as i am in nearly half way to my day 6 and feel like i am at the top of the world...i wouldnt have been able to went through this challenging battle against my own bad devils without your support! even we are strangers you mean a lot lot lot lot lot... that i respect u as my own parents seriously what u doing for those to help in heroin is really an amazing n fab job..i will pray n i am sure you will als be my inspiration throughout my entire life... i will alz pray with my wife together for ur success who was there with me every step those hell nights....we love u so much n we admire u George, you are an angel and a hero of my life...your email means a lot to us.." BP (male)

UPDATE: Day 8: "hi friend,, i m so proud to say that i m on day 8 today and yes jorge i did it..the main pains and sufferings days are gone..i m not gonna turn back now and keep pressing like u said and i really really want to turn my life around and wanna feel my normal body... pls keep ur site open for the whole world who r out there in need of it...god bless u and we pray for ur happiness...sincerely..." BP (male)

UPDATE: Day 12: "hi jorge,...thanks for reply and ur way way of inspiring me when i really needed it..its been 12 days clean and like u say as the days are passing by i m feeling better..last two days thanks god, sun came out in london and i was walking and getting some sunlight...i m drinking green smooothies too...i do have to say it was a greatest battle of my life but i have came this far now going through my hell nights so never gonna turn back wife is so proud of me and i m done done done with this junk never wanna let my loved ones down...enough is enough like u said its time to turn the life around and stay clean forever....ur few words meant a lot to us so i feel like there is someone on the other part of the world who understands me that keeps me motivated and inspired...i really appreciate and respect the fact that u r helping the people like us who need u desperately....may god bless u all ur life and all ur dreams come true!!!!!praying for ur success!! sincerely..." BP (male)
  "There would and will not EVER be another site I could imagine other then yours to use personally or to recommend to friends loved ones ect...I respect that you are not directing all heroin users or people affected by us (proud to say ex) users into one category, instead you have a huge list of different aspects stages and circumstances of this epidemic to be more descriptive and helpful to ALL. I understand more about my addiction now then I have in the past 7 yr. struggle ive been through. and for that I thank you. whether or not you believe, I know God sent me to your page for a reason so in turn know that through Christ you are a messenger if not just for me but for the other blessed souls that reach this site,..thanks,..." MC (female)

"Dear Sir,...We just returned last night from retrieving our daughter... I found your website. I have printed your information for her and we have purchased everything that you suggested. My daughter did some drugs tonight...for the first time they were OTC drugs !! ...Your words are resonating with her and she has a glimmer in her eyes on this, day two. Thank may have in fact saved our daughters life... " RD (mother helping daughter)

"By far the best "quiting heroin" literature I've ever read. I totally agree with your philosophy. I'm now on day 4 and took my last 1/4 strip of Suboxone. I've kicked before, but usually after relocating to another town or by going to jail.... Jorge, you've really done a lot by putting together this site. I'm planning on joinng a gym down the street, pursuing old hobbies again, spending more time with my loved ones. AA has always helped me too.... Yesterday I had a call from an old dope friend/dealer. I told him I'm done,...and to not call anymore. Gonna go listen to some eye of the tiger!! Much love and peace brother...." RE (male)

UPDATE: 3 Weeks Clean: "I quit heroin, alcohol, and cigarettes cold turkey, That was 3 weeks ago. I'm feeling great. I have a job...I'm working out, and eating well again. I've been going to AA meetings, reading Osho, Daily Meditations, and the Big Book. I have plans to go to a local community college to get my associates of applied science and become an RN. I'm so done with all of that bull " "! Too many years of my life have been wasted on that life.I'm ready for vol. 2. I've got a long life ahead of me, and I'm determined to make it a good one. Thank you for your empathy and compassion, that means a lot to me. Take care George..." RE (male)
  "hey george, i didnt smoke two days now but i feel okay. i only have a slight pain in my lower back and i get cravings..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: "hey george, i got your email this morning thax alot. im on day 3 now i feel much better, i thought day 3 was gna be the worse but im done with the cold turkey no hot sweats, cold shiverings, retlesness, pains no nothin. i feel so happy. jst wna say thnx alot. i thought the withdrawals will last seven days but i feel so good. i learned to fight agsinst the withdrawals and i made it!!!! now i'm in charge not heroin. so glad i'm through the worse..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: Day 4:"hey george. i got your e mail thanx alot. im on day 4. im doing great. i still get cravings but not that very bad atleast im through the worse cold tukey and i made it without any medication. i neva gna smoke heroin or any other drug again. im so glad im in charge of my life again and not heroin..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: "hey george, i made it to day 5. im so proud of myself, u an inspiration i could not have done this without your help. thanx a million. the cravings are not bad and it start to disapear. i learned a lesson well, i will always remember the pain and suffering my body went through. i neva wna touch heroin again!!!!!..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: "hey george, with confidence i can say its day six now and im still going strong. i even feel more determined my work is improving alot, i make the sales and meet targets again like before. thanx alot man..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: "Hey george it is 12 days now.... i feel good. thanx alot..." MJ (male)

UPDATE: "3 moths clean and i'm going strong. thanx alot. your web site helped alot....keep up the good work..." MJ (male)

"I just wanted to thank you so much on our advice. You gave me push I needed. As of today I'm 7 days clean...I start thinking about that bad dark place I was in. And I couldn't believe how much money I wasted on that crap. I never Did anything like this before.. I'm struggling a little but going to keep my head up. Thank you so much for you kindness and not judging me..." MR (female)
  "Hey jus wanted to let you kno I'm still clean!!! I can't believe it... I moved from jersey to florida to leave myself wit no options to crack and use. Its jus a fight mentally now which is hard... Your sight helped and knowing that someone lik you was there to help that's gone through it made t easier. What your doin for us addicts is amazing and so selfless I couldn't be more greatful. Bc of your help I'm on 6 days clean!! Thank you so much..." AD (female)

UPDATE: 3 Weeks clean: "Hey jorge jus wanted to let you kno I'm 3 weeks clean today!!! Feelin a little better everyday now. Its still hard but its a lot better than it was. Thank you so much for all your help. Again what you do for all of us is amazing. God bless you..." AD (female)

"Hey George. Thanks for your response. I've been off pizza (that's what we call H in Az) for 7 days. I've been taking subs. .4 a day for 5 days & .2 the last 2 days. I'm tapering down now because I won't allow myself to get addicted to something else. I've been on methadone before & as you know the doctor gave me massive amounts. I quit that because I got tired of being addicted to that. I've taken subs before. Never to quit. But because I didn't have pizza. As many of us know. A lot of the pain we feel is in our minds. Now that I know I won't be getting high. I feel much better. Usually on the subs I can't eat. But I never lost my apetite. I imagine I'll have some mild feelings of discomfort. But that's the price I pay for using that evil drug. Your site has lead the way for me & I thank you. I hope to 1 day give you an update that says 6 months clean etc. And I will. For those of you high reading this site wishing you could quit. You can. I was there. High as a kite & reading the words. I made a decision that it's not worth it to pay all that money to feel normal. I'd rather feel like poop for a bit & keep my money. And you will to. Listen to George. He knows what's best. Don't give up. You can & will do it. That I promise you. Don't be like me and beat yourself up. That was my excuse to keep using. It's not worth it. I'll keep you posted George. Thanks & God Bless." NM in Arizona. (male) 7 days clean

UPDATE: 5 weeks clean: "Hey George. How are you! Good I hope. Thanks for your encouraging emails! Today in about 3 minutes it will be 5 weeks clean! You're right. It's awesome to wake up & feel normal without drugs. I took the sub route. I took .4 a day for 5 days, then a quarter for 2 days, then a little piece for 2 days. You're right. Subs should be for short term use only..I even wondered if I should have just quit the heroin cold turkey instead...I used in Imodium, valerian root, Nyquil, & lots of music. I knew if make it because I knew I was done with drugs... Thanks so much for all your help. FOR ALL OF YOU READING GEORGES PAGE. JUST DO IT. DON'T WAIT. The sooner you follow his tips, the sooner you'll be free to really live life. Take it from someone that's been in your shoes & is still a work in progress. But anyone can do it. Just be strong & you'll be successful. God bless you George & God bless you all..." NM (male)

  40 Days clean: "Hello Jorge,..I've been really busy trying to get my life back on track. After struggling for a few months i have finally quit! I'm proud of myself but i know my battle isn't over yet. I have been clean since November fifth,...I'm currently waiting to hear back from a potential employer as to whether or not i got the job.. I had to take a urine analysis when i applied for the position and it was the first time I've ever taken a UA without knowing i was going to fail! (great feeling). Every day i stay clean gives me hope for my future. I keep building up positive momentum and i finally feel free from the grips of H. Thank you again..." ES (male)

"Your website is a godsend. My daughter is in detox at this time...I plan to utilize your site in her fight to stay clean. Thank you so much..." KB (mother helping daughter)

6 Months clean: "Hey there!!!!! I am so excited to tell you I'm at my 6 month mark!... I haven't been more proud of myself!... Cold chills and everything else are gone and have been gone for quite some time!... Thanks again for everything you've done to support me and keep me on the right track! I honestly don't think I would have got through this without being able to bug you with questions and rely on you for the positive reenforcement! I can honestly say, it's smooth sailing from this point on.. With much gratitude,..." AV (female)

"Jorge, I haven't given you an update in a long time on my son. Next month will be a year that my son had been off heroin,... He is still doing good. He looks good and has gained some weight. It's nice to have my son back.... I will always be grateful to you for your help... Please send me your address, I have wanted to send you a card and some money to help you help others....Thank you so much for everything,..." GA (mother helping son)

"GOD BLESS YOU! Your a angel man I already told my brotherinlaw about changing our lives completely. When my dad comes home I'm flushing a big bag of pot down the toilet in front of him. Your Awesome keep saving people bro you are a savior! God bless,..." LG (male)
  41 Days Clean: "Jorge!!! I really need to give you a BIG THANK YOU!!!! You SAVED my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jorge I'm clean for 41 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???? I started my "clean journey" the last time I emailed you. I used the subs as you advised with the plans you send me. The subs helped alot with the withdrawals. I think I was using the subs for 6 or 7 days when I also stopped using it. The withdrawals was not as bad as I thought it would be and all went well. Some days was harder than other days but I kept myself busy with my work and after work with my two lovely sons. JOrge, I know can't believe I was wasting my life with the bad habbit!!!!!!!!! Even my sons saw the difference in my "life style pattern"!!!! I got tears in my eyes, and it was the best moment I had in a long time, I felt so proud to show them I want to be a better mom and that they can see the change!!!!!!!! My family is also standing behind me know.... Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!...." MN (female)

UPDATE: 10 Months Clean: "Hi Jorge!!!!!!!What a big surprise when I opened my mail this morning and see you mail!!!!!Things are going GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't used any drugs or heroin since our last emails. And I don't even plan to ever go back!!!! I haven't feel this good for a long long time. The nicest feeling is even the people in town come to me and say I look so good and healthy!!!!! The difference in my appearance is so remarkable... I would really like to help others in need as you have helped me. Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!!..." MN (female)

"You website was my only hope and with the help of my girlfriend we have FINNALY after a year of me smoking off foil everyday, got me 12 days clean under my belt.... I wanna stop i understand i have done terrible things to people and gotten many into it but i wanna be good..." JH (male)

"Hello Jorge, Just had to email you... I'm in my 8th day of sobriety from heroin and xanax, been an op addict for 9 years...I am detoxing on my own, at my parents, away from the town where I use... iv been trolling sites the whole time iv been up here, and i was getting depressed, all i saw was go to rehab, go to meetings is ur only chance....finally I came across ur site, and I LOVED IT!!! So motivating, so uplifting for me, watched the rocky video and the hairs on my neck stood's so nice to hear someone say you can do this, it's all up to you, bc that's how I feel inside...and iv already been following a lot of the advice you give. I been drinking water like crazy, and 3 of the days iv taken 2-3 mile walks in the woods, doing big hill climbs and all,..., and yes I do believe it's helped a ton w getting me to feel better quicker, plus i slept descent for the first time last night, 7 hrs.... once again thanks for the site, very well may save my life..." JS (male)

UPDATE: "Iv made it 27 days :-) This is the best iv felt and happiest iv been in a very long time!! I even have a week off of tobacco after using that for 20 years, and that hasn't bothered me much at all... I know my life's gonna b great bc I already see it in my mind! Thanks again for the support, it really meant a lot to me. I hope this message finds you happy and healthy, best wishes :-)..." JS (male)
  "Hi, Jorge, We are on day seven of helping our "" son quit opiates, and we couldn't have done it without your site!! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the wealth of information you gave us! He says he feels better today than he has in two and a half years! How can we thank you??..." SB (mother helping son)

UPDATE: "Hi, Jorge, It’s day nine and the only symptom left is headaches. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you!..." SB (mother helping son)

"hey Jorge, it's my 8th day today, your tips and website were above and beyond the most helpful thing ever!!! .... you're so right about the power of positive music! While running I would listen to Move on up by curtis mayfield and it made me feel so much better than getting high ever did. I read I read your website non-stop for the past seven days, and I'll probably continue to read it until I'm a completely healthy person. It's only been one week but I can already see my life turning back around.... It's still a really hard battle, but I'm gonna make it clean and never touch that junk again, and most of it is thanks to you and your magnanimous gesture that is this website. Thank you forever..." SB (male)

"Hi Mr,Jorge... my boyfriend is doing so well,hes in methadone for a month already,and clean for a month aswell,after how many years of being under drug he finally decided to quit for his future and to end the suffering of the person he loved,...i want the very best for him as i want him to get better and finally i could say that my hard work is worth it cos he is now clean for a month now and i am fully happy with his doing,well done for him thats all i can say,,, And for that i owed this changes of my boyfriend to u mr.jorge and to ur website,,,pls help more drug people to fix their life for better,,, God bless and thanks u so much from the bottom of my heart :).. Take care Respectfully Yours,.." MS (girlfriend helping boyfriend)

"Hey Jorge- just had to give you props on this sight- when quitting the details are a must- i am on day 10 off methadone and day 14 off dope- .... and from somebody who has a lot of experience with withdrawals you are right on the i found your sight just in time- just reading the testimonials gave me a boost today-.... one thing that has really helped me this time is i have come 100% clean to others- not dumbing it down, making it sound not as bad as it really is, having to tell your loved ones the truth will set you free- no more lies- anyway you are doing a good thing here-... i know i have a ways to go still but there is life at the end of the tunnel- peace..." EV (male)
  "Jorge; Thank u so much for your message and guidance. Today is day 2 took 8 mg sub, day 3 4 mg and so far today making it with valerian, benadryl and immodium. Came clean to my sponsor about my "real" clean date and it made such a huge or die.... Just for today i'm clean..." JS (male)

UPDATE: "Jorge, Thx so much for your encouraging words. Today is day I will absolutely take your suggestion to wrap my arms around the "how to fix your life" section.... I can't thank u enough for ur support as i am doing this alone. Well i have a great sponsor and the fellowship but for some reason having you too is making a difference. I will keep in touch. God bless..." JS (male)

2 Months Clean: "Hey, thanks :) we are doing great! Heroin free for about 2 months now!! We are going to church and getting very involved with things like that. We got on suboxone in June and that has been amazing for us! We are very happy and in a very good place. Thank you for your help and your website it was what gave us hope to be able to get off that junk. My husband also has a job interview coming up for a really good job....! Thank you for your concern it is greatly appreciated and means alot!..." NL (female)

"Hello Jorge :) I'm doing great actually! I'm i think 27 days clean, give or take a day. I used kratom to wean myself off and it worked amazingly! It's a miracle plant as far as I'm concerned. Thank you SO much for all u do! I owe a lot to you and your wonderful page!..." BS (male)

86 Days Clean: "Hey I know it's been a while since we talked so I just wanted to let you know I'm 86 days clean today. I went to a nice rehab and to this day continue to work an amazing recovery program. Thank you for all your help and I hope to hear from you..." MH (male)

Almost 1 month clean: "Hello, I wanted to let you know I quit. I quit the needle and I quit heroin. Your email helped! I just decided it was mind over matter, walked away. I surrounded myself with clean people.... Once I knew I was going to quit it was that easy for me. Mind over matter worked... I was able to nix most of my withdrawal symptoms with mind power. Seriously! I am clean! Yay! I did it with no problems. I am amazed at what the brain can do. Positive thinking .. I stayed positive. I am now looking forward to life, to living. I was ready to die... I'm clean! Thank you for talking to me... I know I'm still green in the clean scene, yet I have amazing confidence. Also, surrounding myself with clean people helps... Thanks for everything you do!.. For the first time I am excited about life!!! Woo hoo!!! Being sober isn't boring. It's amazing! The stimulus I get from new experiences is exactly what I need. I'm ready for the rest of my life. Your email was a big help!!! THANK YOU!!!" LS (female)
  "Hi jorge.... i'm on day 3.. we do perk 30's or should I say... DID... i'm so over it and want a fresh start. I have support of two of my friends but im still struggling because im so cold! I would have to say it was so nice to get your reply. Its as if you knew I was sitting at work about to pick up my phone and check your web page again. I keep reading it over and over again to make sure I don't miss anything.. I think the cold flashes are coming and going now .. I tool some Tylenol severe cold that I had at home since I didn't have dayquil. I got to work....Walmart... bought all the stuff... well the main stuff.. dayquil nyquil valerian root immoduim and water... totaling under 25$.. it is cheaper then what everyone pays for one 30!! More people should realize this!! But im trying.... Thanks jorge!! Your friend,..." AV (female)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge!! Day 5... chills are coming and going... but you are right. They aren't so bad actually!! I have been doing these for the last Idk three years and I seriously forgot what it felt like to wake up with energy in the morning! I am loving it and I will never go back to that habit again!... I can't wait for the weeks ahead and I can't wait for Sunday!! That will be one WHOLE week for me!! The longest I have gone in years without any pain medicine!! Wish me luck!!..." AV (female)

UPDATE: Day 7 "Jorge!!!! I can officially say I did it!! One week and I feel AWESOME!! SOOOOO much energy and so much better... !! I know im not going to give in and im so glad I did this and found you to help me through this! I can't believe its been a week!! I never thought I could do this!! I wanna shout it out loud!! ...Your "clean" friend,..." AV (female)

UPDATE: "Hey Jorge!! Day 9 is here!! I feel alot better.. I wake up cold everyday but once I shower im usually alot better.... im pulling through! I am so excited.... just wanted to tell you how much I like feeling so good. Can't wait to hear back from you!... Ur friend... whose on day 9..." AV (female)

UPDATE: Day 15 "Hey Jorge!! Two weeks and 1 day!! Im so proud of myself.. Im so lucky to have such an amazing support system!! Wow.. u have no idea how excited I am... well maybe you do.. cuz im sure you been in my shoes!! I am so grateful to you for helping me thru this and cannot thank you enough for all the advice and support you have given me!! Thank you so much!!..." AV (female)

UPDATE: 1 Month Clean: "Heya!!! Just wanted to drop you a note saying hello... It marks my one month! I can't believe I made it this long and haven't even been tempted to steer away from the goal of NEVER EVER AGAIN!! most of my symptoms are done. No more chills in the morning.. no more being lazy.. I am up and moving around alot more! I cannot thank you enough for your support through everything! I hope your holiday weekend is as amazing as I know mine will be!! Your friend!..." AV (female)

UPDATE: 10 Months clean: "George, I just wanted to shoot you a message so you know what's going on and that all is well! I'm only 2 months shy of a year!!! Actually a little less then 2 months, but I'm pretty excited about it!!!! It's a long time coming, but honestly I could t be happier with my life and how far I have come.. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement over the last couple years and getting me thru this twice.. This time I can finally say I was ready and I'm so glad I have made it this far! Thank you so much!!!... AV (female)
  "hey., this is " " from india, i have been following your site and you and its been a great inspiration,... I am lucky to have parents who still supports me, ... its been two week away from heroin...If i get through this phase, i am sure i am gonna do something really big for humanity and make my life purposeful for...Jorge u've been a great inspiration to me and want to be like you, all sober and spreading concious knowledge, i want my life back, the happiness,... i will never get back to that life again. i came clean to my mother and my father knows it, i want a whole sober life not even relying on evil pills,..." PS (male)

UPDATE: Day 19: Hi jorge, Thank you for your reply,it mean alot to me,.. I finally quit opioids, no tramadol, i took your advise of cutting med into half and then quaters... i gave up smoking too. for cravings i take your advise often...about evening I go for a long walk on trails... PS (male)

UPDATE: Day 28: "hi Jorge, I took your advise and i have been going out in the morning for running and hiking, i love climbing so it makes me feel good, my health is better than when i reached you. I have been following you since long time but contacting you personally is really working, now i know that i have a pal who will help me through these grave hours and it feels good man, i wish for you lot of happiness and gratitude, i havn't smoked since last time, had cravings but fought those feelings, i have been exercising too... I am happy that i am away from heroin this long and i won't touch it anymore, it's been a month jorge and thanks to spare time now i help people who need help in recovery on social sites, i posted your site links too. New good news is i have been working on a running training programme, it's as a short term goal for 4 weeks...being humble is your best advise,... thank you jorge for all your support, it means more then everything else. Thank you good man. Sincerely.." PS (male)

UPDATE Day 40: "hey jorge,...i feel good, after a very long time i felt this way, all because of your support and care man, i am now learning to let go feelings of getting high and believe me when i go for long walk or do something else it makes me so happy... Replacing bad habits with good habits, even giving up the urge to smoke,... thanks for your concern all the way through,... I wish good for you,... ain't no going back ever again. sincerely.." PS (male)
  "I'm not even an addict and I found this site really inspiring! Great website, great endeavor - I wish your readers the best of luck. If you open yourself to it, life alone, without drugs, is a mind blowing and fulfilling experience! Thank you for all you've done!..." AM (male)

"Thanks so much,... Your website has literally saved my life,... I can't thank you enough, I mean a year ago, the website truly saved my life when I wanted to die, and I have referred many people to it. Thanks isn't even enough...." JD (male)

"Hi, I am currently on day #7 free and clear or any/all opiates. I used Imodium and Gabapentin (along with Tylenol for the aches and pains.) I also chose to quit during a week long church retreat, where I openly shared my story with several people at church in an attempt to gain a support system... I've been doing and actually feeling pretty great this first week, while at the retreat!...Thanks..." CK (Female)

"Hi jorge, almost 48 hrs done feeling like "" but better than yesterday, i m so gratefull to have a friend by me and your messsages bring me hope. I do have all the meds you talk about. Nausea is not so bad..., in beetwen baths i was able to catch some sort of sleep! not much but a little. I will do this i know i can!... I guess the desire to win is stronger than me going back to heroin. I will keep you posted...! Thanx have a nice day.." CG (male)

UPDATE: 11 Months Clean: "Hello Jorge, little update from Montreal.... 11 months done, very proud of myself. Life is getting better everyday. I still think about it sometimes but will not go back..... Thanks again for your help, have a nice day..." CG (male)

UPDATE: 18 months clean: "Hello Jorge, Taking time to send some love to you and what you do! 18 months done, feeling strong! This thing is not part of my life anymore. My wife is expecting in two months, i got my life on track. But i know i will always have to be careful!...freedom feels great, now I wanna get off weed... its time for this. Another battle up ahead and this one is all in the head...I wanna be a good dad. Have a nice day. One love..." CG (male)
  "man i want to thank you for the music... i am on day 3... i think the worst is over. i still get the chillls and sneezing and kinda lethargic but the elvis picks me up right up. i think i can finally see the other side of the looking glass. trees look like trees and the sun is looking beautiful and im not sticking a needle in my arm first thing in the morning. praise god thanks again.." M (male)

"I just read your page and I want to stop dope so bad its unbelievable. I did my last bag today and I am preparing to try to stop again for the 600th time.... ur page is my last hope... Thannks..." JS (male)

"Hi Gerorge, It is me,"" again... I am well into day 6 no drugs or alcohol, smokes...totally clean.... I am living on dayquil, nightquil, imodium extra strength, and Ibprophen. I managed to get some chicken noodle soup in me and a couple yogurts just now... I have not been throwing up and the run's stopped the 4th day as soon as I began taking the imodium. So your advise has been right on the money...Thank you,..." CK (female)

UPDATE: Day 8: "Hi George...I have some good news finally! I actually slept a few hours last night. Fitfully, but I did. Then I woke up this morning, sweated right out, but head banger is gone! I actually wanted solid food! Ate 2x solid stuff at that already! I also am able to actually walk around. Then, I also took one of at least 100 baths to far.... I looked at the calendar and saw that I was really still on day dope.... I woke up after a fitful few hours sleep at 5am starving. So now I have been up and about all day. Ate, laughed, and real hard at that!... I am actually feeling way better. Not near finished, but way improved: Had I not come across your article, I would have used again a.s.a.p., and seriously die and soon. My consumption and so long at it all leaves me no doubt. I am in tears again now. For once, the good kind! JEORGE, I OWE YOU MY LIFE!!!i I can't believe I am clean! And over a week now at that! MY dear friend, May God Bless you big time! Go get a lottery ticket you might win:) Well the game starts soon, and I am well enough to hang out with my friend and watch it with him. I will continue to let you know my progress if you don't mind..... Again, THANK YOU!!!!..... xoxo!..." CK (female)

UPDATE: "Hello Jorge, Day 10.... I thank God for your web site, and finally coming out from behind my wall.... And my dear man, keep up what you are doing. I am sure you save many lives. No greater gift!..." CK (female)
  "hey jorge,...Yesterday was my first day sober in a long long time. Today is my second. Im going the cold turkey approach. I have come clean to my mother and most importantly, my wife. man the look in her eyes broke me to a place i never want to go again. I have asked her to take my wallet and not to let me go anywhere afraid im vulnerable right now. im trying to cut my self dealer called today and i explained to him that i was no longer using and it wouldnt be in anyones interest for any more contact..for any reason at all..he tried to consider me his friend, but that doesnt matter, im removing all triggers PERIOD. jorge, i read your email about 20 times, seriously. each time, tears flowed from my eyes, from the hurt, and truth of this situation. im a little now but i want to tell ya just how lost and desperate i was a few days ago... because of you, my mother and my wife, i feel stronger... im so thankful for her and the path God laid before me that led me to you..." EK (male)

UPDATE: 6 Months Clean: "Hello how are you my friend?... It was your advice, the love for my wife, and my acceptance to my faith that has overall saved me.... I plan on really re-structuring my life and goals. Im looking forward to really taking life by the horns especially knowing Ill be focused and clean and free from my demon... I really owe alot to you. The day I contacted you was truthfully the lowest point in my 34 years. I took all your advice, and I credit you for convincing me to confess to my family as the very first step in recovering. I tell that to everyone. I know technically I have a long way to go, but Im very confident it is very far behind me for the rest of my living days.... I have tried to reach out to some friends, and people I know who are struggling with addictions.... Im proud of myself for having the courage to "cold turkey" my self away.... Here I stand, free, clean, and 100% sober for the first time I can know what? I FEEL GREAT. Im once again looking forward to the future....You will never know how important it was for you to take the time to respond back to all my letters, with thought and patience. I have given your web address to everyone I thought needed it and shared my personal experience with them. If there is ever anything I can do please let me know. ... There are few people whom I think are sent right from Heaven with a purpose, and though Im sure you have several, I know you were for me...sent to save my life! You have been a major figure in my lifes most troubling times... I have never met you but I love you my friend! Take care, I will stay in touch...." EK (male)
  "Jorge!...I wanted to update you. About 6 months ago " " finally made some tough choices. Choices that were good for him. He left the county he was living in. Left his "friends", girlfriend, place he was living, etc. Left it all. He realized he was never going to turn his life around unless he made major changes. He moved into a Sober Living Home. He has now been there for over 6 months. He is doing really well. Enjoys feeling well again. He plans on remaining there for a while. I see him every so often. He looks healthy :) He is working, wanting to get more schooling… He has goals and dreams for his future. I know he may struggle with temptations in the future, but things feel very good right now My heart is light and happy… : ) Of course, I never forget the support and help that you gave to me. It made a huge difference. Thank you again..." SE (mother helping son)

UPDATE 1 Year Clean: "" just celebrated one year of being clean and sober! He is working full time. He is paying his own way through life and paying back those he borrowed money from. Thank you for all your wisdom, advice and support. I am not sure we would be at this point if we had not had your help. I hope life is being good to you and your family... Thanks again.." SE (mother helping son)

"hello.... Ive been snorting heroin for about a year and a half. Ive tried many times to stop but to no success. I just read everything on your page and now feel ready to do this. My girlfriend is pregnant and our baby is due in September. So I just wanted to say thank you from me and my family. You Jorge may have very well saved my life here. God bless you for makin that website...." JB (male)

"I haven't done nothing for four days!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I'll make it!!!!..." BK (male)

UPDATE: Day 7: "Hi Jorge!!Thanx4 getting back to me Ur advice!! Kick in junk cold turkey was the last attempt at beating the beast who had me by the throat. I like that I kicked it cold,... My resolve is much stronger by having did it by myself!!! I've already been in contact with a.a!! So no I'm only 7 days into it,itz enuff 2 have slapped me upside my head & finally grow up!! I'm done falling on my face & running back to the master. He's almost taken my life to many times, after all my hard work,he kant have this fought hard battle!! I win!!..." VM (female)
  "Day 6 and starting to feel better. The worst part has always been pushing myself. I used to weight lift and nothing I loved more. May be after time Ill get back into that. Still don't have an appite so forcing my self to eat something... Thanks for being there,.." SB (female)

"Hi George Hope U r in the best of ur times and shapes..... finally I quitted everything cocaine heroine drinking .this is my ninth day (9) my wife, ur motivation from sites and responding at that time helped....with lots of love and regards . God Bless U , May u Live LONG to HELP OTHERS.THANKS AGAIN.." VB (male)

UPDATE: "Hi Jorge,... Good news it's day 15 still in Battle and clean no alcohol as well. It's getting Better day by day i have started walking little jogs reading... im taking vitamins B12, cod liver oilcaps. caltrates multivitamins... sincerely thanks..." VB (male)

UPDATE: Day 27: "Hi Jorge... It's been almost month...and the battle is on and very positive that we will win... Family has supported me a lot and big credit goes to you as I took you as my inspirational and motivational godfather,... I would like to see you someday by God's grace.... I have been blasting myself with exercises, I lost some weight but I feel better now...I am to help 2 more guys through a drug awareness association we have here. I really love you form all my heart. May you live long and blessed with showers and showers of happiness in life. Sincerely with love and thanks..." VB (male)

"Jorge- I'm on day two and I'm in pure hell. You're site has done much already for me and I just want you to know you have saved so many people and I hope I'm one of them...Thanks..." RF (male)

UPDATE: Day 7: "George I'm finally better. Although I'm seeing that staying busy is much harder then it seems. I'm 7 days clean today man. Its been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I thank you for starting a site to help so many people. Where I go from here I do not know, I do know its not on dope. :) much love and thanks..." RF (male)

  "I want to thank you so much again for you website and your advice. I feel so stupid now that it took me so long to quit when I had a prescritption for Suboxone for so long. The drugs just had such a hold on me I kept saying tomorrow tomorrow. But I am finally on my way, I took my first pill.... and although the first day was pretty rough with leg aches and upset stomach since then I have felt so wonderful!! Even my friends can tell the difference just in my face and attitude. I know it's only been since Monday I've been clean, but this is the longest I have gone without using in at least 9 years... I really feel in my heart that this is going to work this time.... So no more wasting my time, my money, my life on a balloon of some black ..... Using all my money to make their house payment or car or buy whatever they want!! I honestly don't know what changed, but I have so much more FAITH in myself that I CAN BE STRONGER THAN THIS DRUG!!!...Thank you so much for your help!!..." AQ (female)

"Hi Jorge.... recently stopped shooting heroin (3days ago...i feel great!)... I threw away all my junk...deleted all numbers... I feel i have learned my lesson... Kindest Regards..." AB (male)

UPDATE: Day 6: "Hey Jorge, Just wanted to let you know I am now 5 days is day 6. I feel much better and have really had NO cravings at all... I printed out your emails and have them near my bed for guidance and reassurance. I'm keeping myself very busy. Joined a gym yesterday and I'm on my way to a job interview now. Pray for me..." AB (male)

UPDATE: Day 17: "Hey Jorge, Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I have been clean for 17 days tomorrow. I am feeling pretty good. I am working out almost everyday and am staying very busy. Everyday I make a little list of things to do and as I go through my day crossing off each thing I can feel the endorphins making me happier. I also got a temp job at " " ", my first day is tomorrow! It's full time for 4 months so I will be very busy which is good. I am trying my best to remain vigilant and on guard. I honestly have not had any strong urges at all. I will continue to remain strong and believe in myself. I can't EVER let myself forget how serious this is. I want to make sure that I NEVER use again. Thank you again for all of your help. I will continue to email you every now and then to let you know how I am doing! Hope all is well with you and yours! Your friend,..." AB (male)

UPDATE: 44 Days Clean: "Hey Jorge, Just wanted to update you and thank you for all of your help and support. I really appreciate what you do for people! It has been one month and 16 days!!!! I have had no urges or cravings at all....I am just trying to make sure that I don't forget and let my guard down.... so far so good! Again thank you for all your help in those early days of despair. I will keep fighting and staying busy and I will keep updating you! God bless..." AB (male)
  "Dear Jorge, I want to thank you for sharing all that information on this evil substance. Today is day 11 and without the help of my family I wasn't going to make it. I went to a rehab in California back in June and got out in late August. By October I was a full blown addict again and I lost everything. My car, my apartment, etc... I have read and re-read your website over and over and it has helped me through this battle. I am still very weak but try to go for walks and keep occupied. ....if I sleep 4 hrs a night, its a blessing.... got me Clonopin to help take the edge off. I hate putting another substance in my body but they seem to help. I will only ask for them when I desperately need them.... The last thing I need is another dependency. Next Tuesday I am moving to """ to stay with family. Im trying to change everything I can. I was very into lifting weights and Im dying to get back to the gym.... When I saw your picture of Rocky and big smile came over my face. Thats what I picture now when it gets tough. Thank you for your wisdom and kindness... Sincerely,..." CK (male)

UPDATE: Day 13: "Hey Jorge, I want to thank you again!! Just reading your email has given me that little extra strength. More importantly the information you provided has enabled me to understand whats going on with my body and how to take the steps to overcome these frustrating issues. Im sure you write to many others so Ill make this short. You are a good man with a good soul. .... and I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you so much. When I saw your email in my inbox I was so excited. Perhaps when I fully overcome this (yes, I know, it will be You have inspired me to want to help others. I hope we remain in contact and when the time comes you can direct me on how to help others battle through this life and death battle. Take Care,... p.s. The Rocky theme... I play it 100x a day. It really works but I think i'm driving everyone nuts with it. LOL..." CK (male)

UPDATE: "Jorge, Hope all is good with you! Its Day 20. I feel amazing.... Im eating healthy light food.... Thanks,.." CK (male)

UPDATE: 4 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge,I'm doin very well, ... I feel great, have a great job... I try to keep busy... I was thinking of going to meetings and trying to help others by relating my experiences. I've moved ... 4 mos ago so I've been out of my element. I don't get cravings anymore but I miss the excitement of my old life... I have recommended your website to a few people. It meant a lot to me that you could take the time to help a complete stranger...." CK (male)

"Jorge,Thanks for the site. My friends don't see it but you've changed my life. thanks you!" JT (male)

  "Your website is inspiring and completely accurate. I have gone thru the battle of being clean numerous times and THIS is the only way I have been successful. Thank you for not making a site that makes junkies feel guilty or ashamed. Just here's how to do this..... You CAN do this. So thank you! :) much love..." LS (female)

"My wife is going cold turkey. Your website gave us the heart to do this. Now she is on day 5 and doin much better..She has been very sincere about her thoughts.." RS (husband helping wife)

UPDATE: Day 8: "I got your message and were excited that you wrote us back we will follow your info she is doing very well eating solid foods i actually have to make her dirnk water but like you said im the man of the house jorge and im killing this monster named heroin now we on day 8 :-) thanks a million..." RS (husband helping wife)

"Hey jorge..... I read your website everyday. im on day 4 .... i live at college..... your my inspiration man i wanna be clean for the rest of my life and be the old.. the star athlete. if you can just get back to me with some words of encouragement i would really apprecite it. Thanks,." KB (male)

UPDATE: Day 5: "Hey jorge thank you so much for writing back. I really appreciate it. I actually took your advice and went to see a counselor today and it definitely helped. I'm almost to day 6 which is crazy I can't believe I made it this far already. I just can't wait to be normal. Thanks again for getting back to me..." KB (male)

UPDATE: 4 Months Clean: "Hey Jorge.... I am doin excellent. Im 4 months clean and feel better then ever. you and your website saved my life. i feel like i can accomplish anything now. so i just joined the marines and im goin in training for the recons which is special forces. after beating heroin i know i can do that. so thanks again for giving me my life back. you are a great person. thanks..." KB (male)
  "hi Jorge. My daughter is getting out of detox and is starting an intensive outpatient clinic in a few days.... one day at a time.... I think it is so wonderful that you have this website....Keep up the good work. thanks,..." JN (mother helping daughter)

3 Years clean: "I am now three years clean and just want to say thanx alot. It really helped" MJ (male)

"I read your article and it means a lot to know that there are people out there like you. I may not ever be able to see or meet you but just know your article touched me in a way that I'm going to do this and get through it thank you for being you cheers... I want to live my life with out it and to be all I can be... this article is very meaningful and It got to me It started to make me think that I can do it and never go back cause I don't want to ever ever do it again ....I don't want to wake up and have to shoot up just to get my day started not even to get high just to be normal. Thanks for listening may god bless you. Thanks..." KR (male)

30 Days Clean: "I just wanted 2 express my gratitude in the extremely informative site u have created. I just hit my 30 day clean mark a couple weeks ago I'm try n so hard 2 reclaim my spirit, health, & life... detoxed cold turkey w/a friend that lives n another state gotta say even though I was uncomfortable it really wasn't as bad as I had read (not that I wanna experience that again ) anyway I loaded up on all the over the counter supplies U suggested & feel like overall it wasn't bad... So thank you so much for your powerful insight..." PO (female)

6 Months Clean: "Hi Jorge.... I am a 23 year old from cleveland recovering from heroin addiction... I can honestly say if it wasn't for kratom I most likely wouldn't be here today. I want to tell everyone that it has saved my life. It can work wonders for opiate addicts and I am 100% sure of this first hand. I think it's great you have an informational website about kratom I'm sure it is answering alot of questions for alot of people...It helps with cravings and keeps me away from opiates. I am almost 6 months clean. The longest I have been opiate free in 6 years, because of kratom. I just wanted to share my story with you and thank you for the information you have on your website. Keep spreading the good words about kratom!!!" MR (female)

"Hey Jorge,... It's been a long time. Almost two years since we last spoke. I just wanted to let you know that I am still clean. I really appreciate you being there for me in my time of need. Keep up the good work brother. God bless u.." AB (male)
  "Hey jorge, im on day 3 again, but this time I understand that even though failure is an option, success is an option as well. And I realize are life consists of choices. I realize I cant only do this for myself. I have to do this for my family, my girl, and for the greater good...I know i am barely clean, but writing to you helps me so much...I also quit cigarettes, on day 2,... Ive been eating and no physical withdrawals really... Jorge, you are such an inspiration and you have so much heart and courage. I hope to be as strong as you as the days go by. My girl came by lunch today and said I look so much better. Only after 3 days! I know if I keep living in the wrong, I will lose her.. and I do not want that...Jorge, thank you so much for sharing your life with us, the people who want to change. One Love Compadre, and keep inspiring the broken souls who desperatly need healing. Jah Bless..." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 5: "Jorge, just wanted to let you know im on day 5.. i failed many times but this time I feel different... I feel like I have more control. Im 23 and I just had an epiphany... like you said. Its either stop now or die trying. My main goal is to restore my relationships with my loved ones. I know im going to stay clean off of heroin for good now Jorge! Its brought more pain than pleasure in my life. I know that in the end the only person who can change my life is ME. Hecha las ganas y adelante. One love Jorge..." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 7: "Thank you Jorge, on day 7 beingclean. Im here at work keeping busy busy busy. Ive been having more energy and becoming a better employee. Im also thinking about getting a 2nd job to further occupy my time and to make more $$$ to replace all the money I lost to drugs. Im taking it day by day,.. Im doing my best keeping a positive attitude here at work... Some people said id never makeit but I know that I will, I need to escape this " because its slow empty and kills, I know im going to make it. I am doing it at last, we can all start a future but it starts with leaving the past..." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 9: "Jorge, I have good news. Day 9 today and I got a 2nd job.. along with my full time job I am currently working. I am also doing a side job this weeked... I am making a financial plan to start saving up my money to make up for all that I wasted on JUNK... I just keep thinking about the positives of living as an honest hard worker. Thank you jorge for always replying..." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 16: "Hey Jorge, day 16 without shooting up any dope at all. I feel so much better,... thinking about the future and the goals I have both long term and short term keep me going. My girl is talking to me again... I want to win her back jorge. This is my time. Justsome thoughts on my mind today..." NS (male)
  UPDATE: "18 days and no evil needle. I feel way better physically... I want to quit cigarettes as well by this week, ya feel me?... God bless you jorge..." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 20: "Hello jorge! Just giving you an update. 20 days clean from the needle! Went job hunting on Saturday this past weekend and did my laundry to keep myself busy. It feels good doing things for myself without having to use drugs. My 2nd day also without cigarettes. Also on Sunday I had such a wonderful time, I went to church at 8 and again with my friend at 1030.... Im going to continue to stay humble and patient. Continue down the road towards what is right and make decisions that will bring me a better future....Your last message brought me much hope. I know I must be patient. Patience is the key to success in recovery. Patience and self love. Because if I can love myself I can love others even more. This is for my family." ", and for myself. Thank you jorge.." NS (male)

UPDATE: "day 22 no evil needle. On day 4 no cigarettes... Ive also been going to the gym the last 2 days and I feel way better! Jorge this is the longest ive gone without slamming dope and I never want to go back. You helped me to help myself... I hope all is well with you jorge! I consider you not just my friend, but as an Advisor to me. I cry alot of mornings because of the love you show to a complete stranger. May God put a hedge of protection over you and your family and protect you all. God Bless you Jorge. I love you Man.." NS (male)

UPDATE: Day 31: "Hello Jorge, I hope snd pray thst everything is going well for you. Im 31 days clean today from the needle. I love you man.." NS (male)

UPDATE: "42 days today off the evil needle Jorge, im at work right now just doing it day by day. I also got a 2nd job on weekends working at a pizzeria near me. I hope everything is going well with you brother. Much love Jorge.." NS (male)

UPDATE: "45 days clean today from the needle! And I havent smoked any cigs either! Now I want to stop smoking weed so that my mind is complete ly clear...I want to stop smoking weed by next week. Im just tired of relying on substances just to have fun. I feel so much mote alert and motivated and naturally happy sober you know. I feel more in control... I need to work on saving my money better so I csn get a car etc.." NS (male)

UPDATE: "50 days without putting heroin in my vein. Feel better than before... I owe it to myself to become successful and save more money... I will be proud. I guess I just have to havebetter patience.." NS (male)
  "I am now a proud to say I am 11 days clean... I've never ever thought I would go this long without heroin.... I no I don't want to go back to using ever..." LF (female)

UPDATE: 13 Days Clean: "Your email made me cry! 13 days in now! Thank you!!!! Wow. I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel!... Thank you again for your response! God bless...Also wanted to add my fiance is now 13 days clean. Thats 2 lives saved and we couldn't have made it without the strength we have gained through reading this website. Thanks again!.." LF (female)

"Hi Jorge,... You gave me some advice for my son a couple of years ago. He has been with me... 2.5 years and has been doing great. The first few months were challenging at times... He now does not talk about drugs... he is free from the heroin. I feel he has a good chance also. He really is a nice guy and has a lot to offer others in the world...We are in the process of moving ahead with our lives... Thank you for your advice. I will not forget you..." MB (Dad helping son)

90 Days clean: "Hello Jorge,.. I am doing better than I honestly thought I would ever do. I just celebrated 90 days clean on Sunday. I am truly touched by your e-mail... If I could ever "pay it forward" please don't hesitate to let me know what and/or how... Thank you very much! I'm trying the NA groups... I go consistantly and am now just starting to share. But yes I take it very slowly and thank God everyday for helping me. And I want you to know that what you did/do is PRICELESS!!!!! I couldn't tell anyone about the hell I was living and you were there. Bring that it was just me writing on a computer and not "giving face" it made ALL the difference in the world. Keep it up I am sure I am not the only lost soul you had a large part in being found!!.." DR (male)

  And I hope to add your story to this page real soon. Because the truth is, you CAN do this! You CAN quit heroin, stay clean and turn your life around, once and for all. All you gotta do now is just do it. Or at least try! Quit dope or die trying! And for all the parents, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, boyfriends and friends of addicts, you CAN help and 'influence' your loved ones to quit heroin and change their lives. You CAN make a difference. Starting now... Good luck. And may the good force be with you...
Jorge (George) Fernandez
Over 20 Years Clean from Heroin
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